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Nvidia drivers Rog Strix Scar 16 / Mini-Led screen in windows

Level 9

Does anyone now when the heck we are going to get new nvidia drivers?

HDR is broken when you try the latest Nvidia drivers, and your stuck to using the ones on the Asus page.

Performance in games is better with the newest drivers, but then again, HDR doesent work, screen turns black and you need to force kill computer. 

I want to use my mini-led in HDR and not SDR. I

Another thing i have noticed is games look color-less and crappy in SDR mode. Could be because im used to HDR but i dont know. I dont like the colors of this screen in SDR at all. In windows i get great contrast, but in games, it just looks dull and colors look pale. When in HDR the games really get great contrast and colors. 


Im used to IPS so it could be the trade off with Mini-led. Maybe this is the way Mini-led works and im not used to it? It also bugs me in windows how the mini-led turns everything white extremely white and all the time on the fly change brightness of stuff..


Level 9

Hi, with my SCAR 16 HDR works fine with the latest nvidia drivers from geforce experience. I first installed the nvidia graphics driver from asus, then updated via GF experience. If you still have issues maybe try display driver uninstaller (DDU) to completely wipe anything nvidia and then install again.

About games looking crap in SDR, can't say anything for that as I use HDR all the time.

Very weird. Seems everyone is  having problems with all drivers unless its the ones from asus homepage. They work.

Level 8

I've posted this on another thread and hope to see an actual asus response that will account for the issue. I've uninstalled and reinstalled all drivers completely and are still getting the se response. Hopefully we will see a change or update soon

Yeah the only drivers working is the ones on Asus page from February

Level 9

Yes I have made this thread on another sub group of this forum.  I have figured out the solution.

1. From device manager disable the intel graphics card.

2. Ensure armory crate is in ultimate mode (may require restart)

3. In nvidia control panel while in standard mode of armory crate ensure NVIDIA GPU only is selected

4.  Ensure HDR is on (assuming older ASUS drivers from website are the oens that are installed)

5. install drivers from GF experience (after step 4)


Please confirm if this worked for you.  Asus couldn't figure it out but hopefully this helps people.

I did what you said but unfortunately it didnt work.

Level 9

The fix posted here about disabling the Intel graphics works..

But i have started to enjoy SDR more. I really think everything about the Scar 16 works flawless now. Games run smooth as butter, and the screen is actually really vibrant and contrasty in SDR. (Vivid mode) 

Last days bios update to version 309 actually made things smoother, i think it was some CPU optimization ?

All in all its super smooth, everything works (Besides HDR without hack) . Im a happy camper.