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Notebook long storaging and possible threats

Level 9
Hi everyone!
Wiil be very grateful if you share you knowledges regarding if it is bad for notebook to store (i.e. some where on a bookshelf) it for long (1-2 months time).
Users manual does not contain any information about how it must be done, so it seems to be safe. I 've surfed internet and found that it could reduce battery lifespan, and it's the only. But I wonder how other components will react (LCD panel, for example; I've heard they are designed for dynamic displaying and do not "like" static regimes).

If it is possible, would you kindly comment a concrete situation: I stored my notebook in wardrobe in asus's factory package for ~1,5 months because of repair works in house. Once they have finished, i got notebook back. Battery has discharged completely, so i pulled power adapter and turn notebook on. And there was one problem: scren started to fade for a few seconds (and then turn on again) every time i use scroll gesture on touchpad. If touchpad got disabled by hotkey, problem did not occur. I reinstalled touchpad driver, reboot notebook and problem was gone. But I still wonder if it was a sign of hardware malfuction. What is your opinion?

Thanks in advance!