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News...!!! 😔😔😔 Any real fix for rog gl504 hero 2 fps drops???

Level 7
Good day if i say is there any news about the real fix for rog gl504 hero 2 fps drops???..

Thorwyn wrote:
I fixed the problem with Rocket League, just undervolted with Throttlestop by -100 mV and temperatures of CPU dropped from around 90 to max 75 C. Also, not sure why, GPU got cooler by some 7-8 degrees. And most important of all, ironically my temperatures are slightly better in silent mode than balanced or overboost xD
Still having problems with sound tho. When I think about it, I don't think I had it before I formatted the notebook.
I didn't notice anything wrong with 307 BIOS, even if it was meant for HERO, it fixed most of my SCAR performance problems. And yes, it's GM not GS.
Before updating to 307 from 303 I tried about everything, from changing each game's settings manually, and through NVidia panel, then formatting the system, temperatures of both CPU and GPU were around 80-85 most of the time so the problem wasn't there. And all of the massive FPS drops were fixed only after this update - now I can even use the cooling pad normally.

Bro where did u do Undervolting,can you guide me the values

Nihck5 wrote:
I have the same sound issue. No sound after sleep on bios 306 and audio driver
I had this problem before but it fixed itself after an update. It has now returned.
Disabling and enabling the speaker under playback devices in the sound options fixes it temporarily, but it will happen again if the pc goes to sleep. Hopefully an audio driver update will fix this soon.

well thats the problem with our unit because this is still newly released by asus and has no optimal settings to its bios and drivers yet i expect if there rtx version of laptops will have some issues as well

Level 8
Hi andrei.cazangiu and AnuragP,

Thanks for your sharing about how to fix this problem 🙂

Level 7
When I Uninstalled gaming center it fixed my stuttering