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New Rogstrix, Armour crate questions

Level 7


I got my Asus Rog strix 96 wireless today and have trouble setting some things up in the armoury crate software so I have a few specific questions:

I set up the backlighting to show just one colour. The button next to the wheel is another colour and pulsating. If so: where and how can I also make it the colour Ive set the other backlighting to?

I use my PC from a non-admin account: When I startup now I have to enter my admin password twice for 2 armoury crate related software things. Is this changeable?

armoury crate starts up automatically after rebooting - I cant find it in the autostart directory though to turn it off?! Why is that and how can I keep it from starting directly after booting?

Is there a function or a way to only disable the windows key when I am gaming but have it functioning while on desktop and while browsing? If so: where and how do I do it?

Will the colour and mode of the backlighting stay the way Ive set it up now even if I were to uninstall the armoury crate software now? --> Is there a way to only install parts of the software to simply set and change the colour of the RGB Backlighting since I am not using aura sync and all the other things!?

I have now disabled the windows key in the software. Even though the software showed a failure and said the procedure was unsuccessful - my windows key is now permanently disabled it seems.

Thank you so far for some pointers and answers! 🙂