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New ROG strix 17: another epic fail from Asus

Level 7
With the Strix g733 laptops Asus went with AMD cpu+ Nvidia Rtx 30 cards however as usual for Asus laptops there are design flaws....
Thr benefit of this setup is that the built in screen is Feeesync capable which is a huge step forward over the 2020 models since those did not ha e Gsync (or Feeesync) meaning that the new models give smoother gaming experience.

However this setup comes at a cost: due to optimus there is a decrease in performance.

Igpu can be disabled however then you throw away Freesync and the need to use external monitor.


However this is just a minor problem because in more gpu intensive games the difference is smaller and I would accept it for Freesync ... Games are so much better with Freesync / Gsync than without even if they use a 300 hz panel.

The main fail from Asus are : temps and TDP!

Asus is proudly advertising that they are using liquid metal for cooling however the temps are not that good.
Perfect example is the new MSI ge76 laptop. The are using traditional paste however they are getting same temps for intel cpu as the Strix with liquid metal and amd cpu.
But the embarrasing thing is the vga...

Both laptops use rtx 3080 however Asus only set 115W TDP while MSI set 150W!
This means that the MSI laptop the boost higher and thus can give more fps ! The difference can be between 5-10FPS! 10 fps for free ? Not bad.
Why did Asus only set 115W TDP, why did they lower the performance ? Maybe because their cooler is garbage even with liquid metal ?
The MSI laptop with traditional paste can keep the 150W 3080 under 80C in games, meanwhile in the new Strix 17 the 115W 3080 can go upto 83C according to some tests...

Yea, maybe those testers just did not run max fans and the default fan profile allowed the temp to go above 83C, but this does not change that fact that Asus is giving lower performing vga than its competitor !

Yes, they could increase the TDP from 115W to 135W+15W dynamic boost with a bios update to give a significant increase in graphics performance for free (yeah even an extra 20W would show a difference) and barely but the 240W power brick would be enough...

But will Asus give us a bios update with a free performance update do their laptop could match MSI ?
Ofcourse not!
And why ?
Because they dont care after you payed them ! Perfect example is that a few years ago a few expensive Asus laptops had inverse ghosting but Asus never admitted the issue and never apologized...

Level 7
...I just ordered mine... ehmmm

If not this laptop then which?
Maybe Razer Blade (specs: )? I use their mouse.

Level 7
I'm loving mine. Well, except the keyboard. That i sort of hate it... what they were thinking?