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New G75VW BIOS, v.221

Level 8
1.Modify ASID.
2.Update GOP

What means ASID and GOP?

Anyone have flashed? Everything all right?

Level 7
ASID doesn't say anything right now, could be related to UEFI?

GOP is Graphics Output Protocol.

Hyugafe wrote:
GOP is Graphics Output Protocol.

And here I thought ASUS was attempting to rig today's elections by altering the Republican party's electronic vote count....
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Level 12
i did and i think it's a bit quieter now

Level 11
I'll wait for the braver users on here to flash to it. I'm happy with my current BIOS but if this offers any improvements I'd love to hear what they are/get a consensus from power users on here 🙂
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Finalhour, after being "bitten" a time or two (thousand) when XP & then Vista were the rave, I tend to use your same philosophy when it comes to any (specific but unnamed) OS manufacturer's updates. Let someone else do their beta-testing for free? 😉
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Level 11
Good old Asus not telling us what they did with it. The whole update and modify are screaming this will screw up your system because we dont know what we were doing. How about some notes Asus or would that go against your 1/2 way job company policy.

From what i can see the bios has been changed for some better windows 8 support. I wont flash it because if they don't have time to make up some notes for it they don't have time to code right and it will prob give me more problems when a bios made by a 5 year old.

Level 9
im a pussy when it comes to flashing untested bios. and i think many would agree this pussiness is totally warranted...

Level 7
why was i expecting positive comments in this thread as my eyes were filled with happiness and joy when i saw these words:



but then reality hit me with words like pussiness and consenus, whats happening to the world , whats happening to ROGGGG...

Level 9
Just flashed, no issues to report. Loaded the new winflash and flashed the extracted BIOS zip.

It took about 3-5 minutes to wipe/flash/verify, and then rebooted. On reboot, keyboard backlight was turned off, but on bootup toggling them back on worked just fine.

Consider me an early guinea pig with no issues to report.