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new g74sx laggy on normal use even after clean install please help!

Level 7
So I have a g74sx i7-2670 QM CPU @2.20GHz; 8.00 GB RAM with nVidia GeForce GTX 560m Wireless N WiMax 6150...

Basically after installing windows 7 home premium I updated drivers as follows:
Intel Chipset INF Update Utility
ATK Package 1.0.0014
Realtek HD Audio ALC269 Drivers R2.67 Official
New Realtek 8168 LAN Driver v7.050
Intel(R) WiFifamily WiFi Wireless LAN Driver Version V14.0.3.3 (whichever one was from the asus website)
nVidia driver 306.23
i also let windows update run and have converted to BIOS 203

Basically, my laptop lags whenever I do anything from typing to clicking to watching videos and playing games. Basically when im typing, it delays and shows what i type after 3-4 sec delay and often jumps what i type or clicks to a different page. When I click the mouse also laggy at times and jumps often closing or scrolling down randomly. When i watch simple videos like youtube, it always lags as if there is a pause every 5-10 seconds even though it has already loaded the whole clip. When i play games like league of legend, my game jumps time to time and the audio often repeats itself.

Basically, using my very crappy 5+ year old duocore vista hp laptop is faster than this new rog laptop. I can type click watch videos and even play games with no/little delay or lag with my old laptop. This feeling is like if i was using a very old computer at school that has never been restarted and it takes forever to type click or do anything!

Please help me out,, i am so lost to what might be the problem. Is there a specific order in which I am suppose to install the drivers/windows update/bios update or did I simply forgot a driver or installed a driver version that is buggy? I have look through several links online and tried my best to follow the suggestions but they dont seem to work. My 1st clean install seem was laggy but I was able to surf the web and video with less of a delay but it was still laggy, this time it is litterally like using an ancient computer and my screen has jump probably 100 times/jump words, just trying to type this message out.

please let me know if you have any suggestions, I will really appreciate it! Sorry if I am a PC NOOB, let me know if there is more information you might need! Hope to hear from yall sooN! Thanks again!!!!

Level 11
Welcome to the Forum.

Uninstall the ATK Package driver. Use CCleaner software to clean registry remnants.
Reinstall the ATK Package. (When doing a Windows OS clean install, I always install
the Intel Chipsets first, and the ATK Package driver last.)

How about your TouchPad driver? What driver have you installed?
And the ASUS application utilities (bloatwares), have you installed any?..

For a list of the G74 drivers and apps downloads, go here:

i do not have any touchpad drivers installed, i do not have any bloatware installed either....
so i should install intel chipset from the link you gave first... then the video card sound drivers etc.... and then the atk package? which video card driver are you using? when should i do the BIO 203 update and windows updates? before or after installing drivers? thanks!

Level 11
G74s come with either Sentelic TP or Synaptics TP. Look in Device Manager which one
you have and install. If it's Sentelic, try using the driver version.

Based on your installed drivers list, there's no need to re-install everything.
Just install the Touch Pad driver, then re-install the ATK Package. Reboot.

I also currently have the nVidia 306.23 WHQL version. For as long as your BIOS updating
was successful, there's no need to be repeating the process (unless you want to revert to
older versions). I suggest Windows updates should be done only after all necessary drivers
have been installed and tested to be working well.

okay thank you so much, let me try this and see what happens...
quick question... should i be restarting after each driver install? like only doing one at a time?
also are the only drivers I need the ones I listed? + touchpad


so I actually have synaptic so I installed "Synaptics Scrybe Driver v 15.2.20 - from Synaptics"
I also then uninstalled ATK ran ccleaner for registry and reinstalled ATK
It seems to help it a slight bit but still lag exist

if i have youtube up, it takes a few seconds for it to respond for when i click play or pause
when i have videos wup (worst when full screen), the video stutters every so often as if the network is laggy but its not and video fully loaded
when i try to click from one tab to another in a browser, it takes several seconds to respond
when I click anything usually takes a couple sec to respond or it will randomly zoom in or out as a response and when I type something long it overtypes or delays/jumps around
when i try to scroll down a webpage, it takes a couple seconds for it to actually scroll down....
when i play games, my character screen occassionally freezes and jumps my char to another position and sound from computer tend to repeat itself...

in short:
it seems that the lag or delay is less now after the ccleaner and I am able to type this message without it jumping around as much maybe once every few lines or when i delete/type fast....
however, it still seems to me like if i was using an old computer where there is delays in doing basic things... like i said before, i have less lag on my own laptop typing clicking watching videos and playing games... not sure what the problems is

*should i try an another clean install, update drivers individually from intel chipset to atk last? do bios, then do windows update?

thanks for all your help

kurayzee wrote:
*should i try an another clean install, update drivers individually from intel chipset to atk last? do bios, then do windows update?...

If it were me, and there's severe problem like you're having right after a Windows OS clean install,
I would do another set of clean installation. Better to spend the time doing it (about 2 hours),
rather than trying to find solutions to your current prolblem/s which takes much more time.

Do you have the Windows Home Premium 64 with SP1 ISO? Can download it here:

Here's a list of the G74's essential drivers by Brody:
Intel chipset driver
Intel RST
Intel MEI (Windows Update will eventually install this, if you don't want to do it manually)
Nvidia graphics driver
Realtek Ethernet driver
Realtek multi-card reader driver
Fresco USB driver
Wireless adapter driver
Realtek HD Audio driver
Bluetooth driver (if applicable, if wanted)
Touchpad driver
ATK Package

..And to reiterate, Windows updates should be done only after all essential drivers are installed and tested.
Good luck to you..

Agree with dstrakele. More often than not, an uber-protective antivirus could do more harm than good.
The OP wasn't asking, but I'll say it just the same.. Try the Microsoft Security Essentials.

alright let me try reinstalling it again and updating the drivers before I do windows update!
does it matter when I do BIOS 203? do i do that before drivers or after? also, should I restart after each driver install?

Well I dont think it is antivirus because I didnt have any installed when it started the lag, I am currently using Tuneup Utilities 2012 that is all.

Let me try clean installing again and do the drivers before I do the rest... i'll post results... thanks a bunch guys!

sorry quick question... is the driver KB Filter 1.003 x64 needed? thanks