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Need some help with cable orientation G733PZ

Level 7

I recently wanted to add an additional SSD to my new laptop and should have watched a teardown video to see what awaited me, but of course I didn't.  When i opened the bottom of the laptop i pulled out the two cables that allow the RGB bar to light up.  I don't want to just plug them back in without knowing the right orientation of the cables.   Is it possible someone can post a picture of the back removed with the cables still connected to the RGB bar connectors (not the motherboard) so i can see the correct orientation to put the cables back into the bottom case (both left and right).

I've seen a few teardown videos but they do not show this and one video does show the back from very far away.  From what i can see, it looks like the blue tabs with labels go up meaning when looking at the motherboard the blue tabs are facing up, and when the back is open and the inside is facing up, the blue tabs show upside.

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help!


Level 12

Have you tried watching or asking laptop media on youtube? they do a decent job.

I watched laptop media, and they did remove the back, but the cables were already disconnected in their video.  I will post and see if they reply. But so far there are no good videos or pictures.  I may open a ticket with Asus as well.

Level 7

Just an FYI, i posted on the laptopmedia video of the teardown, nothing yet, and I sent them a message directly, nothing there either.