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Need OEM software for Rog Strix G15 G512LW-WS74

Level 7

I am fixing a ROG Strix G15, specific version of G512LW-WS74, on which the previous owner had installed Linux.

I have Windows installed, next I need the vendor specific drivers and OEM software for the GPU, RGB lights, CPU management, speakers, and whatever else Windows doesn't cover out of the box (and after updates).

It does not appear that this software exists on the website anymore, but it's not like this stuff changes *that* much between hardware releases so I assume the software for another laptop model will work.

Assuming I'm correct that these drivers and software aren't found on the ASUS site, which ASUS product should I consider equivalent for this purpose?



Level 8

if you have Cloud Restore in BIOS, you can use that to get everything stock as long as you have internet connection. Other than that, try installing just MyAsus and Armory Crate and then from them go further into details. Good luck!