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Need Guidance - ASUS ROG Strix GL503GE Right-Side Fan Noise Issue

Level 7


I own an ASUS ROG Strix GL503GE laptop that I purchased in March 2019. Initially used extensively for gaming, I now primarily use it for studies. However, the noise coming from the right-side fan has become incredibly irritating, making it challenging for me to focus on my studies. I contacted ASUS support in my city, but they informed me that new fan components are not available, leaving me stuck with this persistent noise issue.

Due to a disagreement with the ASUS representative, I am reluctant to return to them for assistance. Could you please provide guidance on how I might change this fan or resolve the noise problem without involving ASUS support? Your help in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Level 12

Go here and see if they have a video on how to do what you want they also sell parts maybe they have your parts in stock. 

will my laptop work? if i disconnect gpu fan which is making noise.

Maybe will work but if you play games you will have high temperature for sure also if you try to disconnect the fan first the CPU and GPU must be on 1 cooling pipe they must be connected if they are not connected dont do this operation

Also when you disconnect the fan dont try to test the GPU in heavy games or apps that use a lot of GPU and another thing you can download HWINFO64 to monitor the temperature

From this app you can see the min, average,max stats for everything

I almoust forget if you try this you can replace your thermal paste to improve your temperature also

If you are going to go thru the trouble of opening your laptop to disconnect your fan  you should just replace the fan that's not working correctly.

You do that and your gpu is quickly going to overheat the moment you use your laptop for heavy workload or gaming. It's not expensive to change a fan if you want to keep that laptop for 3 to 4 more years.

But they don't make new fans. I cannot found new fan anywhere.

Go to a computer shop or a computer part sales store. You can probably find it on Amazon as well. Where do you like? India?