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Need an opinion (Regarding GL702VS 120Hz laptop)......

Level 7
I recently bought the 75Hz version of the GL702VS laptop (NVIDIA GeForce1070 GPU) and was contemplating returning it and getting the 120Hz version. However, I have heard a lot of horror stories of overheating and performance issues with that version of the laptop. On my current 75Hz version, I have played Mankind Divided, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Metro: Last Light for hours on end and my temps stay around 60s to 70s during heavy use. Furthermore, I have heard the 120Hz version has panel bleed and imperfections. The screen on mine is beautiful and has no backlight bleed or imperfections at all. Is it worth returning and getting the bigger version or should I just keep the one I have and just use the 144Hz monitor at home?

Thank you

Level 8
I’ll chime in best i can.

1st i’ve never played on a 75hz LCD panel, I remember back in the old days I owned a Flat CRT Samsung that went up to 75hz. It was very impressive at the time and definitely noticible over 60hz.

I’m not sure how noticible 75 is over 60 on a LCD, however 120 is a huge jump visually over 60 ( beyond 120 the increased refresh definitely becomes less noticible).*

For the 120, I’ve seen 3 different GL702VS’s and all had some bleeding in 1 or more corner. I wasn’t aware that the 75hz had less of an issue, however once booted into windows or a game that bleeding becomes barely if not completely un-noticible. I would say the only situation it would bother if is you were watching a letter boxed HD movie which is just something I never do on my laptop. So all in all if you do make the switch be prepared for some bleeding.

2nd, If you are like me and use an external 144+hz monitor at home and you are happy with the system and how it runs then i’d say keep it.*

When i first got mine it had no bleeding at all. However, after 2 months of using the laptop i noticed very little bleed on the top right corner which is ONLY noticeable if the whole screen is black but in games i dont notice anything
About the temps, well, if you are willing to undervolt the cpu+gpu and drill some holes in the back cover, then the temps are fine.
i play overwatch and after 3 hours of gaming the temps dont go higher than 75c.

About the 120hz screen i would definitely advise you to get one as u will notice a biiiiig difference between the 60hz(or 75) and the 120hz