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My New Asus Rog Strix G16 (2023) CPU Running so HOT

Level 8

Hello guys. I just bought Asus Rog Strix G16 (2023) with rtx 4060, i7 13650hx, 16 gig ram.

It has wonderfull performance. Great improvement from gtx 1660ti laptop for me. Screen quality, game performance very good. BUT

While performance mode cpu mostly around 85 degrees. Especially in Cyperpunk 2077, I saw 95 degree for a second. But cyberpunk run hotter compare BF V. My GPU temps are good.

In silent mode its 75-77 degree in Cyberpunk 2077. Still good performance on silent mode around 90-100 fps and game running smooth also pc working so cool. But performance mode I reach 120+ fps.

So should I worried performance mode CPU temps? 😞


His laptop is new and dont need this operation also this tipe of laptops use liquid metal that can be not replaced even after years 

Thank you for mentioning this. I didn't know that liquid metal don't need replacement. 

Indeed eXplode is correct. As for Psikotrex he may try the following. I have a brand new Asus ROG Strix G18 with an i9 13980 HX and a GTX 4070 GPU & 32 gb of Gddr6 RAM. Running on performance or on manula my laptop woudl run super hot especially the cpu with temp close to 100 degrees  which is not good on the long haul. After experiemntign with different scenarios I found the recipe that works for me. In the Nvidia control panel  I default the Global settings to quality and the power management in the 3D settings is set to maximum performance. Then in the Armoury Crate I use the Ultimate performance mode fopr my Gpu and I press the key to set it to performance and turbo when playing intensive games. I also tweaked the fan speed settings which are set way too low by default. Now when I paly games , no matter how intensive or  no matter how long I play, I rarely get temps higher than 88 degres for my cpu and rarely over 77 for the gpu. No stutter, no undervolting, no throttle  but steady performance and no overheating.