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My laptop won't turn on at all when i tap on power button and also it's LEDs won't turn on charging

Level 7

So my laptop randomly didn't start up even when i hard reset it by tapping power button for a minute (Asus Rog strix g15). So i connected it's charger to it but it didn't show any sign of accepting the charge as all the LEDs were off as if it's all cold dead.I tried with other compatible chargers too but it didn't work. But then it turned on fine after some days normally.And now it's not turning on again.I did open the laptop and disconnected battery and then plugged in power but still it didn't turn on or show any charge by my takeaway are:


Battery is not the problem

charger is also not the problem

Motherboard works cz it did turn normally for somedays. Please someone help me with this

I opened up my laptop and disconnected it's battery and then plugged in power but nothing happened so obviously battery is not the problem.anf tried many other chargers so that's also not a did turn on sometimes so motherboard is not completely damaged.


Level 8

I have same problem brother, my laptop went completely dead all lights are litup only for 1 2 sec again, it won't turn on, did you found any solution, I am never buying Asus laptop ever again in my life my family spend whole savings on it