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My laptop shutting down during game (GL504GW-ES043T i7 8750h, 32 GB RAM 2600 Mhz, RTX 2070 8 GB)

Level 7

First of all, it is not overheating!

Mobile RTX 2070 gpus core speed is 1215 - 1440 (Boost) MHz. I was using MSI Afterburner after and i maximized the clock speed at 1410 MHz, and it was consuming aroun 70-90 Watts (to reduce the heat) The laptop was working fine (still). 

I realised a few months ago, if im not using MSI Afterburner, OR using it, but not maximized the GPU core speed, during any game it will jump up to ~1800 Mhz with ~110 Wats consumption, and the laptop immediately shuts down!

I repasted it every year with Thermal Grizzly, and both the heats (CPU+GPU) was really nice (around 70-80c)

First i thougth the problem is the overheat, but i tested it with MSI Afterburner without clockspeed limit (basicly i let the system to use the gpu as it should). Well the heat was only around 70-80c which is amazing, so the it shouldn't be the cause of the shut down. 

Then i realised if i using MSI Afterburner, and lock the GPU clock at max. 1410 MHz, then the power consumption is only 70-80 Watts. Once i not locking the clock speed, it will consume around 110-115 Watts when its need, and shuts down the laptop.

I did many tests, the laptop is not overheating, i reapasted, and it is working really well. 

My best bet, that my laptop adatpter cannot deliver the Watts what need for the GPU, which is intresting, because i got the original adapter, so it shouldn't deliver less what is need. 

Any1 has any other experince? Or can some1 give me some tipps what should be a problem? I don't want to waste money for the adapter to test it, but i will, if i can't get solution.

Btw, the laptop working fince, every game running smooth if im using the MSI Afterburner, and locking the GPU clock speed. 

Any tipps?