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My laptop (rog strix g15 G513R) not charging

Level 7

I was using the computer and then I put it down after a while. I just closed it without putting it to sleep or anything since I programmed the computer to have no reaction when I closed it. I left it like that for hours then came back to charge it in the evening (the battery had since completely discharged). Only surprise, the computer does not charge at all. The charging light doesn't even come on. However, everything was fine earlier today and I have never had a similar problem before. It just happened like that. I tried everything I found on the internet but nothing worked... I'm completely desperate (the computer isn't even a year old).

Also, While trying to resolve the problem, I had to disconnect the battery in the computer. I'm afraid I shorted the motherboard even though I'm absolutely certain I didn't screw up (every time I reconnected the battery there was a spark. It doesn't appear at all now) . It’s the fact that absolutely no solution works that makes me fear.