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My keyboard doesn't work anymore after I pressed some keys

Level 7

As the title says, I was cleaning my keyboard (I have a Laptop ROG Strix G G531) while it was on, and as I was cleaning the keyboard, a message popped up that said "30 Anti ghosting on" or something like that and, suddenly, my keyboard stopped registering any keys. The only ones that work are the ventilation key, namely, the one that regulates if I am in turbo mode, silent mode, or performance mode. 

I can only use my computer because I was already using an external keyboard, but the one that is integrated with the laptop does not work anymore (and yes, I already tried restarting the PC). If anyone can be of help, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much!


Level 7

You probably locked your keys and you will have to find the right key combination to unlock the keyboard. Check the symbols on your keyboard (probably a keyboard symbol or keylock symbol or read manual)

Yeah, that's probably what happened. Unfortunately, I don't have the manual with me anymore. Thank you for your help.

You can find any manual online and in different languages. Just google for the Name / Model Number + Manual.