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My GL753VD frozed while multitasking

Level 7

I just bought my laptop last month, it's been only 2 weeks since I used it. I spotted two issues which I found to be a concern matter, just to be safe.

1 - In The ROG gaming center - CPU temp stopped displaying temperature after windows fall creators update. Rest of them were working fine.

2 - Today, being a YouTuber, I was simply editing the video on my youtube channel to create thumbnail & tags for my video, next to the tab, another youtube video was also being played at the same time & lastly, right corner of my laptop display, I was simply watching second video by using my movies & tv application on the like a mini tv size at the same time as well.

The scenario was that when I clicked on my 1st tab of editing the tags, etc. the whole laptop frozed with audio as well. I couldn't do anything apart manually shut it down & restarting as usual. Since it refused to accept any command for 2-3 mins to move ahead.

Not only that, to my surprise the CPU temp started displaying again in the ROG gaming center. Weird. Back to being normal.

Should I be concern about it & I prefer prevent it rather finding a cure in terms?. I personally hate going to service center as there is no time for me to do it either.

I deduce that, there are 2 videos simultaneously played i.e. youtube video on the 2nd tab & mini player of windows as well. If I play 2 videos at the same time for a longer time, hence, it can lead to lock ups as whole laptop freezes up due to this. Is this issue I should ignore as I overdid my end in terms of Multitasking or is it something else I'm lacking certain part of info in terms of hardware or software knowledge?.

Kindly guide me the way so I can be cautious about it in terms of future.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. My gaming laptop model - ROG GL753VD

Level 7
Rog gl753vd and gl553vd both are full of problems

mmohamed2 wrote:
Rog gl753vd and gl553vd both are full of problems


Wish I knew it before I was buying for it. Darn!... .:( .

Thanks for letting me know.