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My GL703 second hard drive does not exist, not work.

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Hello very good everyone, I need your help please.
I bought an Asus ROG Strix GL703 17.3 Gaming Laptop on October 9, 2018, yesterday my PC was stuck, frozen, nothing moved and decided to turn it off by leaving the ON & OFF button pressed for a few seconds, then I turn it on, I realize that it is taking longer than normal, once loaded I go in and ready we are inside, once inside I begin to see that my applications show me some blank sheets saying that the file path does not exist. I go to my Computer and I notice that the secondary hard drive has disappeared.
I installed my heavy applications all on that second hard drive so as not to fill up the 1st 128GB SSD hard drive.
I have tried to fix it with applications but the applications cannot find it so I cannot do anything, try from the BIOS but the same, the BIOS only detects the SSD.
Help me please, I have a very big mess because I have my University jobs on that hard drive. Although the solution is to be able to remove everything that was on that hard drive.84566845678456884569

Apart from this, the PC works but with failures and something strange is it makes me a kind of beeping but very low.

Thank you Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!

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What kind of disk is your secondary disk? SSD or spinning rust? Does the BIOS see the drive?

lightknightrr wrote:
What kind of disk is your secondary disk? SSD or spinning rust? Does the BIOS see the drive?

the 1st is M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 x2 128GB SSD
the 2nd is 2.5 ”5400 rpm / 7200 rpm 1TB HDD
It is not detected by the BIOS or the system from inside the PC, there I left you a photo from the BIOS where only the 128GB SSD is seen

Hello Duv,
Dont worry, your 2nd HDD sata is not detected , reason is simple.
You mighy be configured RAID in bios, so disable raid and enable ACHI mode.
2nd HDD sata is loosed currently.
So go to service center, open the laptop, then remove the hdd and get re insert again with cable.
Uninstall intel rapid storage technology software.
Go to devive manager, uninstall the ide or sata devive driver completely and restart the system.

Note I am using three disks on vivobook 15 , all are connected internally and fitted to motherboard.
Intel i5 7200U_ Nvidia 940MX _Windows_11_Enterprise_64bit_22H2_buildno_22621.754

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Hmm. Can you hear if the drive itself is spinning up? And how important is this data? Would you use a data recovery service?

Edit: it occurs to me that if the drive itself isn't showing up, but you can hear the drive spin up, then the problem may be with the controller board. At which point it might be possible to replace the controller board by scouring eBay for a working drive (of the same model and revision), then swapping the boards...but this is voodoo, and not for the faint hearted. Were I you, and in definite need of this data (your job depends on it, and you have a few days), I'd look at a disk recovery service, after calling around to find the best prices.

The good news, if you can hear it spin up, is that your data, in so far as it exists on those platters inside, is safe.

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First if it’s a spinner plan on replacing it. It’s sata then you can buy a sata to USB converter in plenty of places. If it doesn’t see it there I’m afraid you are screwed. The Spinners they put in their laptops are crap. IGST was the last one i got and it didn’t make it a month. They sent me a replacement that went about 3 months. After that I put a 850 EVO in there and called it a day. Still running now. You can run raid and still run another hard drive I’ve been running a pair of 500GB 960 pros in raid zero and and a 1TB 2”5 inch sata in a G752VY for a few years now, like ever since it came out.**I bought it with a 500GB NVME drive and was surprised when I got it and found out what I really had was a pair of OEM Samsung 256GB drives in raid 0.*

The hard disk I see that it keeps turning and at the same time as I said, the hard disk is making a kind of sound like low beeps.
I have decided to disconnect the hard drive for now until I find a good solution, I am also trying to contact asus support because I need to keep the data on the hard drive as much as possible.
If I have not misunderstood I think I still have a guarantee, I have been using the laptop for a year and a half at most.

thank you all, thank you very much.

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Hello, have you fixed this problem?

I have an old G750j series with the same problem as well. Yes it was suddenly freeze/stuck and I decided to press power button for a sec. I can confirm HDD and data is ok, it spinning but SATA port 0 show "empty" in BIOS.

Thanks in advance..

Level 9
Hello 4rtcytech,
Please kindly send the device to service center.
Thank you.

what should I do?