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My GL552VW is freezing quite often

Level 7
Hellow there!

As I mentionned it in the title my new RoG Laptop is freezing (fps down to 0) when it comes a new "animation". To make me understand I'll give somme example:

While playing League of Legends:
- Open the shop windows
- On jungle monsters spawn
- Placing a ward in a bush
- Some champion ability make it froze too

It's not each and every times that the animations came but like it's said it's quite often.

Same issue notticed on World of Warcraft with additionnally a freeze in the sound at the same time:
- Open random windows
- Completing quest (accepting rewards)
- Use of some skills

On Darks Souls Prepare to Die eddition i can get over 25-30fps...

All those issues are pretty weird in my opinion so I tried few things to try to fix them up.

1. Lower the graphics
2. Make sure than the programs run with the Nvidia graphics processors (and not the IntelGraphic)
3. Update driver or use an older version
4. Make a clean install of W10
5. Clean everythings up with CCleaner
5. Search on various forum to get some other solution

I bought a "cooling plateform" (a deck with some 4 fans, sorry i don't know the word in English) with my laptop so I don't think it's a heat problem (I already tried a software to track the temperature of the CPU and GPU).
The last thing i would like to mention is that Overwatch is working perfectly fine with max graphics settings!

I searched on this forum too and tried everything I could find. If you have any thought that could help me I'll gladly take them 🙂

See ya!

Ps: Of course if you need any information, feel free to ask!