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Motherboard that uses the laptop asus rog GL752VW-DH71?

Level 7
Hi, so i had a huge problem with my laptop. I installed a m2 ssd and it made a sparkle and now the screen is black but the laptop is turn. I checked it with customer service and it looks like a little part of the motherboard, next to the m2 slot is burned so there are two options, one of them is replacing only that part, and the other is replacing the entire motherboard but i want to know what is the motherboard that the laptop has? So i can check how much would it cost

Please help me.

Level 7
we can get the model number and price through your serial number. Feel free to send me a private message and I can check for you otherwise you can contact support

I am looking for the motherboard of my Rog. GL752VW-DH74. Where can i get it