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Mini led max brightness big drop? 622 nits?

Level 12

Before it was 1.100 nits max brightnessBefore it was 1.100 nits max brightness

I think this is related to Windows 11 23H2 update, but im not certain

Before the max brightness was 1.100 nits or more if im not mistaken, 1.100 or 1.200 nits

Scar 16 4090 miniled screen


Level 12

Rolled back to a september nvidia driver, didnt work

Tried to reinstall the screen driver, using asus display hdr driver , no luck too

Clean windows 11 install - no difference

Level 11

honestly ignore it, makes no real difference what it reports and what it outputs is different

also if you run monitor in sdr mode (unless watching hdr content) it actually outputs brighter 

Clean windows 11 install - no difference

I dont know... the screen seems a bit dimmer to me, i dont know if its placebo or not

Did your peak brightness decreased with the last windows 11 update? can you check please? 

Thank you

Level 11

my brightness is exactly the same in windows update also my display info reports 1260 nits and when it did report 600 at one point after hdr calibrating it had same brightness

izy, thank you for the reply 🙏

Let me see if I understood 

Your windows 11 is fully updated and it shows 1260 nits as peak brightness, right now, as of today? OK, good

But... you are saying that "at one point it showed 600nits"

So, you did encounter the same problem I'm reporting?

One time the peak brightness of your scar 16 miniled screen dropped for no reason to 600 nits?

And you don't remember when it happened? Or why it happened?

If you remember please tell me, maybe that can explain what is happening

Thank you

Regarding the HDR calibration tool, I'm not an expert at those things, I could manually calibrate it, but I could mess something up, to set peak brightness manually on that app you need to mess with other things, I rather let windows or games automatically calibrate for themselfs, and things been working good

P. S

I bought my scar 16 4090 miniled in June and for 4 months, It never dropped the nits, it was always been the same

Actually I'm surprised with this bug/glitch, doesn't make any sense for windows to show different peak brightness values...

The peak brightness is something that never changes, I didn't change the screen, I didn't connect the laptop to a TV or monitor

A gpu driver or a new bios doesn't mess with these things 

I really don't know why the nits of peak brightness changed, my only guess it was the new big update for windows 11 - that's my guess

I don't think a screen can loose nits with time or with a malfunction?...

I'm waiting for Mr Daniel Shawn, from the 4080 stuttering thread, to give me feedback about this issue, he has 4080 miniled, but dissappeared as soon as I asked to check the peak brightness

People like to receive help, but giving help, that's another case... 🙄

Level 9

Well, I don't know about the information being different in windows. But I do know, that when I hadn't set it to dgpu only from bios, it did clone the display for some reason in windows and now my brightness was lower and I couldn't adjust it from display settings. Having it set to dgpu in bios fixed it, as the new cloned display was gone and it went to the normal display.

I'm not sure that would help you though, so it is hard to say. Your display should be double that luminosity, so it could also perhaps be a driver issue, and you might want to look for that manually and see if you find the correct drivers. For me the thunderbolt drivers on the asus website didn't work, and windows couldn't find the speaker drivers so I had no sound. Had to search for both manually and then everything was fine. So yeah, could very well be a driver issue of some kind where windows just finds the wrong one and it kind of works.



Kezmark thank you for taking the time to reply 

I don't know what you mean with display cloned but I'm glad you found a solution

I've tried everything, other nvidia drivers, reinstall the Display driver, and do a Windows 11 clean install

Nothing worked 

I'm thinking in 3 things

- Uninstall / block the big windows 11 update, that automatically is installed even, if you do a clean windows 11 install

- Try other bios, I'm using 318 at the moment

- install windows 10

Thats the only things that I didn't try yet

P. S

QUICK question "dgpu only" on bios, is ultimate mode right?

If I turn on that setting, ultimate mode is always turned on, and I don't need Armour crate to turn ultimate mode anymore? 


This is the option, and yes it is basically like having ultimate mode always on. Just found it more stable, will probably drain the battery significantly faster, but I rarely use it unplugged anyway so it hardly matters to me.

As for what i mean by cloned my display, is that it basically made 2 displays set up as multidisplay, but it was just the original and a copy, one was greyed out as far as settings and specs and the other was mostly fine but I couldn't change the brightness at all and it was dimmer. Dunno why it did it, maybe cause of difference between dgpu and igpu, but I don't know, as it wasn't always there, just happened out of nowhere, and went away altogether when I set it to dgpu only in bios.



That's cool because I only use Armour crate to switch from ultimate to standard mode 

That way I don't need armor crate anymore 

I will give it a shot, thanks for the tip