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Micro stutters fix ! Real or Fake ?

Level 12

Asus Rog Strix G16- G614JV is the model 


So i faced a problem that was very very hard to fix i try everything that i know but nothing fixed my problem whit micro stutters.... I play only FPS games (Apex Legends , Warzone ,The Finals, and more) whit 165 fps=165hz monitor frequency Gsync on,Vsync on utra low latency mode on in all games but i faced whit constant micro stutters,screen tearing, lag's very often even when my system latency is very low

Screenshot_20240415-184901_Chrome (1).jpg

Windows is syper optimized whit so many things removed who's bloated the system and increase the latency also everything is whit the newest drivers updated + used NVclean install for best performance and even after everything done the stutters was still there ..... the system is perfectly overclocked,undervolted 

Screenshot_20240415-212747_Chrome (1).jpg

stable and checked whit a lot of tests but again the stutters was still there until i find this post's


So i read everything try it and make some test whit HAGS-hardware accelerated gpu scheduling on and off whit Nvidia Reflex (ON or ON+BOOST) in game and Ultra low latency mode in Nvidia control panel also i try so many combinations and in the end i find that the best configuration if i am not in GPU or CPU bound scenario becouse this spike latency is to turn ON HAGS and turn OFF Nvidia reflex and turn off Ultra Low Latency mode from Nvidia control panel ,also i capped my frame rates ( 5fps under the max monitor refresh rate =160 fps) to prevent GPU bound and prevent exceed monitor refresh rate in the games that i played becouse GPU and CPU bound scenario increase the latency in games and this is little problem for Competitive gaming in high fps games but the latency is less noticed in other games that are not shooter or have more than 100 fps and in reality that i try fix my micro stutters and my big fps drops in this hight fps games 

This graph is not tested from me its download form one of the links


Also this post can be helpful ( ) but whit combination of HAGS the results can be not so satisfying and becouse of this i recommend everything to be readed in this post and the links that i send 

This graph is not from me but is from one of the post's 

Screenshot_20240415-194039_Chrome (1).jpg

for program that can help for the tests everyone can use CapFrameX

Screenshot_20240415-202923_Chrome (1).jpg

Screenshot_20240415-202412_Chrome (1).jpg

 So for me this information was helpful and fix my problem so if someone else have similar problem i have hope this will fix the issue whit micro stutters