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Micro stuttering - Asus Rog Strix G17

Level 8

Hello, so i bought a model Rog Strix G17 in august of 2023. Lately it started having some really weird micro freezez while playing games like DOOM (2016) and Rainbow Six Seige. From what i’ve noticed it’s not really affecting the fps that much (like it doesn’t drop from 200 fps to 30fps while the micro freeze is happening). But it’s really annoying while trying to relax and just chill and play. I also have to mention that when this first occured, i updated my graphics drivers to the latest version and the freezes were gone for like 2-3 days, but they reapered today. I also updated all my other drivers and reinstalled the graphics drivers from the official asus website, but this time it didn’t work.


Also i’m not completely sure about this, but i feel like the change between the integrated graphics to dedicated graphics is done much slower than it used to (i use the mode where it automatically switches which graphics card it uses).

I’ve been looking at lots of forums today to try to find way to fix this problem, but nothing worked so far. do you guys know what i can do about it. I really appreciate it!


Level 8

Just throwing out a similar experience I had. My ROG Strix had a stuttering issue that used to annoy me crap out of me. I followed the same process as you to no avail. Nothing related to graphics or chipset drivers, BIOS, or settings within Armoury Crate would fix it. I did manual downclocks and even played with fan settings to try and see if maybe it was throttling issue. I went so far as to disable Windows Defender while playing games. Nothing I did fixed it. 

One day I broke down and went old school. I disconnected everything except the power adapter and played the game. The stuttering was gone. I started connecting back 1 peripheral at a time, playing the game for 10-15 minutes to see if any stuttering was there. I was able to determine it was an M-Audio Solo external mixer that I use for podcasting that was causing the stuttering. Once that was removed I was back to normal.

Moral of the story, it could be caused by a peripheral that it may not seem related. 

Thank you for your reply, i’m going to try to disconnect everything aswell, though the only things i use are my mouse, my headset and a cooler.

So i tried disconnecting everything but the microfreezes keep happening. I also reinstalled my windows 11 again. Still nor working and i have no idea what to do 😕

Search similar post to your i am sure if you go maybe 10-15 pages back you will find a lot of post's like your whit very good information after you read some post's you can come back here and upload a video on the games that you play whit stutters + performance graph like this on the photo 


Cpu ,Gpu information frequency, watts using thing like this also what GPU and CPU have your laptop ? Check the page's before your post find information read and write again

Hello, thanks for the response. I'm pretty sure i went through all of the forums that seemed to have similar problems and tried alot of the fixes there. And they did not work. I got this model right here: Also what program do you use for measuring performance? I only got the one from AMD

i use MSI afterburner you can set this settings from there check in youtube how also this information is important becouse from there we will see where is the problem . Also from that i see your laptop have AMD cpu and the most AMD CPUs have very big temperature and if you cpu have throttle that will limit his performance for seconds to cool down and from there you can get your stutters

I have strix G16 almost the same whit rtx4060 and i7-13650HX and i am sure the problem for your stutters dont come from the GPU so in this case try to collect some data to see what is the CPU temperature and watt usage in games another thing is your fan speed and did you use a cooling pad 

Also make a custom profile in Armory Crate to improve performance

Try my profile and if you need only correct the CPU graph 





Thank you for the information once again. I’ll try using the armoury profile you posted and i’ll get back with an update. Also i’ll post some videos on youtube to show you what those micro freezes look like in a rainbow six seige benchmark. For some weird reason i opened DOOM a few mins ago and it started also making some buzzing noise from the inside while loading if that makes sense? Also i’m using Opera GX as my default browser and i also noticed the videos are lagging and there’s a white screen that sometimes appears when opening the browser. I also forgot to mention that my motherboard was replaced 2 weeks ago or so, because there was an electrical surge that happened and my laptop wouldn’t charge anymore nor start at all.

Check this post here you will find a information how to make vustom profile for the noise as i write in the link up this is the GPU coil whine or another coil whine in your case if you try whit new gaming profile and this doesn't fix the problem you need to send it to warranty they need to test it and repair it also if you send it be sure you have show them all videos that you have for the problem 

Also try to change the browser and see will this problem appear again but whitout a performance graph it will be hard to find the problem for this stutters 

All right here’s some videos of some random problems i’ve had

First one is a R6S benchmark that keeps stuttering, and the stutter can be seen especially at the 0:22 timemark


The second one is the white screen i was talking about when browsing:

The third one is the buzzin noise that was coming somewhere from the inside of the laptop, you can hear it in the first 2 seconds of the video:

Sorry that i had to film it with my phone but i wanted to capture exactly what i’d see outside of the display and not just screen record it, because things may have looked different when screen recording.