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Memory upgrade for G17 G712LWS

Level 7

Hi, can some one pls tell me if i can install 32gb(2x16) kingston fury impact 3200mhz in my ROG Strix  G17 G712LWS , the only diference with the factory installed is the latency, the factory installed is cl22 22-22-22 and the kingston fury impact is CL20  20-22-22, and the size rigth now i have 16GB(2x8) , my main concern is to know if isn´t any risk of damage the laptop like a short circuit or something, if the performance won´t be too noticeable chanching from CL22 to CL20 because my local retailer sell both the 32GB fury impact CL20 kit and the 32GB value kingston CL22 for almost the same price, 5usd are the diference, i asking because i wasn´t able to find the QVL at any place even a talk with asus support and nothing, and of course i don´t want to harm my laptop, thanks in advance for your future answers