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Low volume on right speaker

Level 7

Hi, I owned a zephyrus duo gx551QR laptop for about a year or so, and I started to notice that sound from my laptop only came from the left speaker under the second screen (as it should be, because the speakers for the zephyrus duo series are located under the second screen). At first, I thought my right speaker isn't working, or maybe there was never been a right speaker to begin with. But as I check the speaker properties in sound settings, I noticed there is an L and R speaker. I tested both one by one by decreasing the L speakers to 0 and maximizing the R speakers to 100 and vice versa. What I noticed is that the R speaker did release sound, but it's at a very low volume. Can somebody help me fix this problem, or do I just have to bring it to a technician or a service center? (Whichever benefits the most financially :)) Thankyou.