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Low GPU usage Asus ROG Strix G16

Level 8

Two days ago arrived my asus rog strix g16 with i7 13650hx and GeForce RTX 4060, 16Gb RAM.  My problem is frequent stuttering in games that make it impossible to play them ( also when just surfing the internet ). I tested Dota 2 | CS 2 | Dark Souls 3 | Dying Light | Overwatch 2 and in most games, I have low GPU usage (30-50 %), which probably makes this stutter. But what’s strange is that in some games it's good, for example, CS 2 (50-80% usage) and Overwatch (70-99%), but stuttering still remains, below are screenshots from these games.

I have the latest drivers for GPU ( reinstalling and downloading manually did not help )
Windows, MyAsus, Armoury Cate are fully updated
Display Mode Nvidia GPU only

How to fix it, Any guesses maybe the laptop's defective?Dark Souls 3Dark Souls 3Counter Strike 2Counter Strike 2Overwatch.jpg


Level 11

are you using the performance/turbo profile in armoury crate

I usually use performance mode, I also tested it in turbo mode, result is the same. For example, in Dota 2, fps is good 150+ at max settings, but constant stuttering prevents me from playing

Bro its from Asus programs and default apps comes with the only solution is ro install new windows its fix all issues do it from bios recovery mode 

Could I use Restore this PC instead of bios recovery mode?

Level 7

Yo I got the same issue with a g15 3070 r7 5800h did u found a solution?

Yes, I installed new drivers for the video card, which came out the next day, and also I disabled Gsync and Vsync.

Level 11

just to clarify for you

dota is a cpu bound game

dark souls 3 is capped at 60fps and doesnt  really need heavy gpu usage

counter strike is a cpu bound game


those 3 games wont really use gpu unless you increase resolution

the stuttering is weird though sounds like a cpu issue

Level 12

You dont have any problem whit windows bios or anything like this the only thing you can do is some small changes in Nvidia Control Panel i have the same laptop and i will give you example what real6 happen in your case 

So in some games GPU and CPU are used differentt for example in this photo on CoD MW2 i play on ground war mode and for the full  ground war game the gpu is used at 70-80-90 % and dont go to 100 in most of the time for this reason i overclocked the CPU to 5ghz Pcores constantly becouse ground war mode is more heavy for the CPU and before when i used the stock CPU settings i didint get more than 160 fps 

In other game mode and map Shipment i use my GPU 99-100% all the time becouse shipment is small map whit 12 players in and is very intense whit a lot of visual effects like bombs smokes and things like this and that small mode need more GPU than CPU becouse you have small map whit less people in i can give you a lot more examples how this is not a problem for you GPU usage 

I wont to mention here that my GPU and CPU are overclocked and undervolted and the only thing that you can do is changes in Nvidia control panel for maximum performance gain and GPU usage you can check this video and apply this settings nothing else needed to be done

If you know hot to undervolt and overclock cpu you will gayn more fps in the games tha you play but in reality you dont need this more fps becouse your monitor is 165hz also other advice never use turbo mode or performance mode make a custom mode whit custom fan speed graph that will improve you laptop usage

Screenshot 2023-11-23 213759.png

In todays video I will share my recommended Nvidia Control Panel settings Enjoy! -------------- Dell G15 i5 10200h 24gb DDR4 2933mhz Gtx 1650 GDDR 6 500 gb gen 3 Nvme 2,500 mb/s 2 tb Gen 3 Nvme 3,500 mb/s -------------- Join this channel to get access to perks: ...

Thank you, I'm also wondering about Vsync and Gsync, should they be enabled in some games? For example, The Witcher 3 has micro stutters every 10 sec, although FPS is 140-160, and the GPU and CPU work fine. In your video man set Low Latency to Ultra for this game, is that important too?