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long time reader first time post HUGE CONCERS ABOUT HOW MY LAPTOP g614ju-g614ju i5intelcore rtx4050?

Level 7

i cannot find anything anythwere about this model and im kinda feeling like i got weirdly shafted at staples cause i randomly found a 2022 edriver document and everytime i update drivers my whole system starts acting up not nicely i cannot control anything i have btw  this is 2023 asus rog strix g16 aka g614ju-g614ju 13th gen i5 13

450hx  core processor and a intel uhd graphics with nvidia geforce rtx 4050 gpu with wifi 6e ax211 160 MHz / 16gb of ram(memory  with an ssd /emmc1 476 gb lexar ssd nm620 512 gb ( i will add that my laptop has blue screened updating these drivers and im on windows home 11 64 bit 10.0.22631 ive had it since october 15th and it doesnt feel any better then my old laptop i got at walmart or the source for three fiddy im do have insurance so the thing only costed me 150 and i shall add i bought this at staples in newfoundland canada and when i got it back a ran a dx and error reporter and by god there was errors still , can someone point me in the right direction of how to maybe get those custom drivers that came with this back cause it says it can run any game like a power house , i struggle playing wow at 100 fps 


Level 12

Yeah it's odd that I too found it very weird that only Canadian stores add on to the naming schemes to these laptops and it should stop as it's confusing when trying to find out info on them Asus should look into why this happens.