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Laptop randomly shuts down (AC cable gets too hot)

Level 7

First of all, I don't have battery inside my laptop since it stopped working some months ago so I completely removed it, so my laptop is always on with power cable.

Since yesterday, it started randomly shutting down and then restarting on its own. I thought maybe memory rams were the issue so I replaced them with some spare ones I had from my old laptop. However it still does it.

I was checking the temps, and they seem normal/like they always used to be, around 80-85 if gaming, around 50-60 if idle.

Now the important part is, one of the things I notice when laptop shuts down is, once it shuts down, I put my fingers instantly on the cable near where the power on (AC adapter) port for laptop is, and it's really hot, once it restarts, it cools down and isn't that hot. So at random times (mostly at heavy tasks like gaming demanding games, it gets hot and I think it shuts down?

Can it be overheating? (I don't move the cable at all, so it's not like the cable is being moved and it may get disconnected from port). How can I fix it? Is it something inside the laptop that has the issue? Is it that AC adapter is broken and doesn't work correctly? Laptop is an Asus ROG GL504.