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Level 7

Hi. A couple of weeks ago I bought myself a new gaming laptop. After some research I decided that it's gonna be the ROG Strix G16 with the RTX4060 and i7-13650HX but the 240hz variant. In my research it mentioned that the max TDP of the 4060 is 115 watt plus 25 watt if needed.

Now here's my problem (or more like my notice):

As if I'm gaming the max TDP is capped at 80 to 90 watts maximum. It never barely reaches the 100. Why ist that so? Does it have something to do with asus armoury crate and I have to overclock the laptop to reach the full potential? Or does NVIDIA cap it maybe? (That's what I read anywhere but didn't get something official by googling it.)

So maybe some of u guys can help me out and can explain this to me. Thanks in Advance ✌🏽


Level 10

Hi, with RTX 40 series your video card will not always achieve max advertised TDP as there is a new "voltage reliability" limit on them introduced by Ndidia and this limit is almost always triggered before the TDP limit (it depends on the worload).

You can monitor your 4060 limits (tsp, voltage limit, voltage reliability limit, temperature...) with HwMonitor software

If you want to see your 4060 reach max advertised TDP, try "Furmark" benchmark.

Also you can check this video: