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Laptop discharges while plugged during games/AutoCAD(Already RMA twice) GL703GM-DS74

Level 7
Ok, I have had this laptop RMA'd twice and the issue still has not been fixed. The issue I'm getting with the laptop is the battery laptop will discharge while plugged into the wall outlet while I'm playing a game or rendering files in AutoCAD. The laptop discharges at roughly 6%-12% every 30 minutes. I have had the laptop shut down on me in about 6-7 hours when I'm using it for work and a bit sooner while on a long gaming session. I have tried two OEM power bricks. Tried updating and downgrading the BIOS. Updated all my drivers, windows, and anything else that would be pertinent to this. I fiddled with the windows power management settings, but I got no dice there. The only thing I have not done is underclocking the CPU as I don't want to possibly break the warranty. After I did all this I decided to RMA the laptop and the first time they just reinstalled windows. Which didn't solve anything. I have now gotten back a second time and it is still doing it. The sheet says they replaced a *motherboard. But it still did not fix the issue.

At this point I just want it fixed by almost any means as it cuts into my work time at home. I know regular use in this condition will just cause this problem to get worse as time goes on. I came on here to see if anyone has had similar issue and has found a fix for it. Any help would be appreciated. I attached a picture of the status windows gives me.

*edit:I looked at the sheet again and they replaced the motherboard NOT the battery.

Level 7
I'm on my 3rd RMA. I have done a lot research and, from what I can tell, I either got a faulty model(i.e. bad power adapter, battery, etc.), the laptop has a major design flaw either due to an insufficient psu(180W). It's also possible the actual design for the laptop is insufficient to effectively supply the hardware while under load.

For the third RMA they exchanged my unit. I'm still getting the same issue. At this point I'm just going to write this laptop as a loss and can never recommend or maybe even buy an ASUS PC again.

Had to delete the original post due to picture issue. Still having the same issue after a 3rd RMA and at this point it's quite obvious ASUS can't fix the issue or a made a faulty design.


Bought a GL703GM-EE101two weeks ago (same spec as your DS74, guess code different maybe for European model, bought in Poland)

General day to day use all seemed fine, including running the latest version of Archicad with reasonably intensive 3D work, minimal rendering work, mostly core intensive work than GPU intensive, bought the laptop for the 6 core processor.

I set the battery health charging for the 60%, and updated all drivers, including the latest nvidia driver yesterday, and was very happy with the laptop until I decided to have a try at gaming seeing as it's marketed as a gaming laptop. After running counterstrike global ops for 10mins via steam up popped the same issue you are having, battery starts to discharge while plugged in. Seems to discharge at a rate of about 7% an hour if connected via a LAN cable and I've came all the battery saving options selected which obviously drops frame rates etc and make game play not the nicest.

I checked the voltage coming out of the adaptor and it's in the range of the 19.5v. Supplied amperage unfortunately I couldn't test. My first thought was that not enough power being supplied by adapter.

I've also uninstalled the batteries in device manager and restarted the laptop for fresh install.

I wondered if undervolting would be a solution but no idea actually how to do that and how it affects the warranty etc.

Unfortunately this is my main work machine being a replacement to my last laptop that fried itself so sending off for an RMA effectively means I'm out of work & income while it's away, not something I'd look forward to. I'm going to head to the shop I bought it off today to see if they have any comment. In the overall scheme of things it doesn't affect me for 99% of my daily use of the laptop but I'm concerned about long term effect/lifespan of laptop. Will update on how I go at the shop.

I've attached an image of battery notice, CPU & GPU results after 10mins playing counterstrike.


Not been to shop yet but been investigating some more.

Checked GPU watt usage by using following command prompt: "cd C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI" followed by "nvidia-smi --format=csv --query-gpu=power.draw,pstate" shows wattage as being about 72-79W while running counterstrike

Installed AIDA64 Extreme, looked at power management tab, under battery properties showing voltage as 15.834V and showing Power State as AC line, discharging

Then ran system stability test, battery charge rate varies from 2-7W while running counterstrike, I'm guessing this rate is not enough to keep battery at full charge, see image of battery charge rate (blue line) the peaks in the charge are when I momentarily stopped using counterstike otherwise rate constantly running between 2-7W.

CPU usage as per image about 37W


Any gurus out there that can help?

Outside of underclocking the CPU and/or disabling hyper threading. I don't think there is much we can do. Maybe could also underclock the GPU but at that point I would not feel like I'm getting my moneys worth out of the laptop.

xyz45 wrote:
I'm on my 3rd RMA.

Did they replace the power adapter?

RemusM wrote:
Did they replace the power adapter?

Yes, I also bought a second OEM charger as well when I was troubleshooting the first laptop. So it's definetly not a bad power adapter unless ASUS had a bad run of them recently.

It's not FINE, modified my opinion.