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labtop freezes when all cores active

Level 8

My Asus G614 laptop uses a 13650hx CPU.  Laptop freezes when using all cpu cores. But when I set core P to 4 and core E to zero, it works correctly without freezing. What is the reason for this problem


Level 12

I think it's time to lubricate the CPU well. Factory assembly is sometimes very messy.

The laptop is new. Purchased 1 month ago. Is it liquid metal? I don't know, because when I turn it on in the morning, it freezes immediately after booting.

ASUS employees work exactly as they are treated, and the consumer suffers. The fact that the equipment is new doesn't make any difference.

Send it back if it's new don't waste your time waste there's instead and get an exchange.

Level 12

Whit this information that you provide no one can help you .... Check this post

Here you will find the information that you must provide if you wont someone to help you another thing is you must do a stress of the CPU you can use cinebench for the stress test and for the stats of the CPU you can use HWINFO64 and provide CPU frequency ,watt usage, temperatures , voltage,fan speed also armory crate profile that you use .....