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keyboard error N0Z007

Level 7
Hello I have a GL753VD (ASUSPRO PX753VD-GC081R)2 times it goes into repair (keyboard error N0Z007) 1st folder
2nd folder Failure "Keyboard function Error (N0ZY01)" 3rd folder yesterday ..... And still same problem. The computer no longer responds any keyboard key does not work, once off the keyboard remains on and on reboot no key works and the disk makes a noise, on the forum the problem and list? I would like better precise answers because in a few months my guarantee ends remedy this problem because the telephone support that creates this 3rd file number and that is not normal because, if I can not use the keyboard, how log in ? this is not serious? So I connected from another computer (ASUS too .. I've had 5 since!) And connecting with my other pc. I followed the instructions with the procedure I connect with my account ASUS he tells me that my file and serial number is not good It detects my other ASUS which is an X540LJ instead of my ROG STRIX GL753VD . So there I am worried because the problem and persist and recur for a long time apparently. So I cordially ask you something to give the solution (conflict with MAJ window?) Because it was the case of what I had says with the support. And for the price of this computer and is intended for gamers or users who want a fluidity and speed it is not good at all. And give the file number with an obligation to connect to have all the information while the computer does not respond anymore it seems illogical to me impossible
I followed all that is indicated any software or others that could have altered the quality of this PC I have to respect the recommendations indicate in your conditions of use.
I'm lost someone on the forum would he have this problem?

My sincere greetings to all!