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Keyboard Changes option on ASUS ROG Strix G17

Level 7
Hello guys,

I'm planning to buy an ASUS G17 (2021 or 2022 depending on the market prices in september), as I want a good gamer laptop.
Yet, I haven't figured out if there is only the qwerty keyboard version avaible (I would like an azerty keyboard as I am french), because I only see pictures of qwerty keyboard when looking for the G17.

My question is as follows : Am I obligated to buy the G17 with a qwerty keyboard and then order an azerty replacement keyboard (in spare part) ? Do you guys think I can find this laptop with an azerty configuration ?

Thank you everyone 🙂

US Customer Loyalty Agent
Welcome to the forums!

If you haven't already, suggest checking with the local ASUS support about it or with resellers, but normally different regions will only have the keyboard(s) for their region if that is what you are asking.

So if you purchased the notebook in the U.S., you can only get it with an English keyboard, but if you purchased the notebook in France, guessing you can get it only with a French keyboard if you want to look into that.
Would hope the resellers in France would show a picture of the notebook with a French keyboard in that case, but honestly have not checked or know if that is true or not since I'm located in the U.S.

Hope that helps and makes sense, otherwise feel free to discuss or get more opinions from others.