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Keyboard backlight doesn’t work at start up on the G814JZ

Level 9


I’ve been having strange issues with the strix g18 g814jz laptops recently. I say “laptops” because I’ve returned it twice already over this issue. 

Every time I shut the computer down and unplug it, the RGB lighting zone and keyboard RGB fails to turn on the next time I start it up. Nothing I do fixes the problem either. Turning it on or off in armoury crate or using the function keys does nothing.

I’ve tried everything in this article here: as well as uninstalling/reinstalling armouy crate with the uninstall tool, and reinstalling windows all together.

I can’t even restart it to fix it. The only thing that turns them back on is to shutdown while it’s still plugged in. So basically I have to leave it plugged in if I want the RGB to work every time. AacAmbientLighting.exe still crashes, but the lights work. If I unplug it after shutdown and plug it back in and start it up, no lights. The weird thing is that each laptop worked fine for about six weeks till this started happening.

The only thing I can find in relation to the problem is a program that crashes every time it happens called “AacAmbientLighting.exe” in Reliability Monitor.



Not sure what to do here, as I’ve already returned the laptop multiple times and have done everything I can think of. I tried to ask asus customer support about it, but they couldn’t tell me anything other than what’s listed in the link above, and then asked me to RMA it once none of that worked. There’s no way I’m ever going to RMA a brand new $2500 laptop and have it shipped all over and handled by God knows who over something that’s clearly software related.

Any advice would be appreciated, as well as posting down below if you’ve had the same experience.





Edit: so turning off fast startup does seem to make the problem a little better. AacAmbientLighting.exe crashing wont go away completely, but the problem does happen less, and after a few days of normal use things smoothed out.

I sort of figured something out with the backlight issue as well. I use my computer with an external monitor through the display port usb-c and I usually unplug the monitor when I unplug ac power because I’ve read that it’s bad for something with and earth ground to be connecter to something with a floating ground due to there not being a ground reference. What I’ve noticed is if I unplug the monitor too quickly after shutdown, that’s usually when the backlight wont turn back on.

***I don’t know why, but waiting about 10sec or more to unplug anything after shutdown seems to prevent the backlight issue.***


Level 11

I personally don't have any problem with RGB key lighting  and I have exactly the same model of laptop that you have. But apparently lot's of people seem to have that problem which appears to be a glitch in Armoury Crate lighting settings.

H:ere;s the thread if you want to read it;

One fix that works for some is disabling Fast  Startup which is what I do but because I read from a Windows specialist that disabling it helps clean windows of bugs and reduces  windows errors. 

If that does not work out for you may be try uninstalling Armoury Crate completely removing all its files and then reinstall it? 


Awesome thanks for showing me that. Disabling fast startup did stop the constant crashing of aacambientlighting.exe. It must’ve cleared up some kind of memory leak issue as well, because I went from 44% ram usage at idle to 32%. Only been implemented for about five minutes so far, so I plan to report back here for others that may be still having this issue.

I am happy it worked out well for you 😀and I hope Asus tech support staff read these threads so they aware that their software carries some serious bugs which need to be addressed.

I’m happy you were the first to comment lol,  you saved me a TON of headache. Just to give you an idea of how well this work out for me,

This s what I would wake up to daily:


 And this is what it looks like now:


 lol your my hero. Can’t believe it was that simple after everything I’ve gone through to fix it so far.

To be honest I would not have been able to give the solution had I not read various other threads related to that problem. The merit goes to another guy who found the solution and posted about it. I just saved you time having to find it. Happy it worked out for you!!!

Well unfortunately it still does it… I do really appreciate the help, but it only lasted for about a day and now does it even more than before. I don’t understand how you’re not having any problems and I’ve had the same problem on three different models…

When you disabled fast boot, problem of backlight is solved?