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Keyboard backlight brightness cycle customizable hotkey

Level 10

This post is just to see your opinion about the following:

Would anyone like to see Asus add the ability to cycle through keyboard lights like Dell and Lenovo laptops where you click FN + a button to cycle through keyboard backlight brightness from level 0 (off) to level 3, then it goes back to level 0 (off)?

I'm referring to adding that setting in Armoury Crate > Customizable Hotkeys so that we can use just one button to cycle through all the backlight levels. I, personally, do not want to use 2 buttons for that, nor do I want to hold FN + F2 or F3 for that since the FN command isn't like on Lenovo's laptop, being FN+space (very convenient and best one so far). Gigabyte also does that. Nonetheless, since we don't have that, I like to place that in customizable hotkeys for quick use.

Currently, there's only increase and decrease backlight brightness, thus taking 2 M key buttons. Having the cycle would take only one so that we can use the other hotkeys for other commands. Ideally, they need to give us 6 hotkeys :).

Would anyone else like that? I'm not saying to remove increase/decrease, but to add a new setting to cycle so users can choose.

ASUS G18 - RTX 4080 - 32GB DDR5 5600 MHZ - I9-13980HX.