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Issues with new laptop Strix Scar 17 2023 (R9 7945HX, 4080)

Level 12

MY ISSUES WITH THIS G733PZ Strix Scar 17 2023 (R9 7945HX, 4080)

Love it but it has many annoying little issues (fully updated with Win Update and MyASUS official app, BIOS 311):

  1. [COMMON] Speaker sounds randomly muted 'till I reboot with no error in Device Manager, no icons with X and no crashes, but speakers simply do not play audio anymore (headphones still work). Only solution a reboot. Totally random in normal desktop usage.

  2. [COMMON] Sometimes randomly after 2 days of sleep and resume, USB-C DisplaPort won't detect anymore the attached (but turned off) monitor when I turn it on. Have to reinsert DisplayPort cable (8K high quality). To be exact it happens after Windows Hibernation. (SOLVED with BIOS 315 ✔️)

  3. [MY UNIT] Loud coil whine with the test from GPU_Caps_Viewer: 3D Demos/Vulkan 2 Tessellation. Tested in real games or other 3D Demos and coil whine is minimal and acceptable though...

  4. [COMMON] Random internal screen (desktop usage) fast-flickerings (0.1sec, very fast almost unnoticeable, mostrly in the upper portion of the screen)... looks like AMD iGPU unstable frequency (?). This seems a well known AMD iGPU issue reported in many forums with previous AMD CPU models. Waiting for AMD Adrenalin driver/BIOS updates hoping for a fix... 🤞🏻

  5. [COMMON] No S3 Standby state in the BIOS!! Forced S0 only (a sort of MS hybrid standby 2.0) with fans quietly active (???). You can check it with powercfg /a from admin Cmd prompt. Microsoft calls it "Modern Standby", which is good only for office workstations, maybe. We need S3 (classic Standby) instead.

  6. [COMMON] Standby set as: after 10 min screen off and after 45 min standby; when I return to the laptop after 1-2 hours I find the keyboard leds on and system freezed including stuck white mouse pointer over a black screen (!?). I've found a workaround from admin prompt simply forcing hibernate after 30 min and setting screen off and standby both after 10 min. It didn't happen anymore.

    Power settings commands (admin):
    powercfg /x  hibernate-timeout-ac 0  (default 0, AC is for PSU mode)
    powercfg /x  hibernate-timeout-dc 60 (default 60 min = 3600 sec, DC is for battery mode)
    powercfg HIBERNATE ON (force-enable Hibernation if not present)
    powercfg /q (to show current idle settings)
    Microsoft link on how to disable Modern Standby, if you want to: Remember to disable also Armoury Crate's Modern Standby Assistant completely (Off).

    Recommended: enable hibernate, something like 30mins AC and 20mins DC, you can keep Modern Standby set after 20 and 10mins. This will workaround unresponsive screen or keyboard after a long time if you rely solely on Modern Standby (probably drivers are still not good enough).

  7. [COMMON] BSOD or other issues connecting an autopowered storage device to the rear USB-C ports. I tried 3 different external enclosures with different controller chipset (ViaLab USB\VID_2109&PID_0716, Realtek USB\VID_0BDA&PID_9210, ASMedia USB\VID_174C&PID_235C) with a 2TB disk inside. They all caused strange slowdowns just opening directories and random black screen or direct BSOD (ViaLab in particular). In other cases they just disconnect frequently (unstable). Same devices connected to the lateral USB-A ports or to another PC work perfectly. Probably BIOS issues still present with 315.
    NEWS: there's an (untested) hotfix for ASMedia USB ports on the official site in the download page!

  8. [COMMON] RANDOM REBOOTS 🧨 MAJOR ISSUE, in particular while using the machine at desktop through APU/iGPU (especially watching simple YT videos), even after factory reset and no driver updates! Here was a video showing this severe issue:!ApMUGr0cuN39gsMCAwx9_wjnHscEXg?e=DJlN7i 
    👉🏻 NOTE: if you're using "NVidia GPU Only" mode (or Ultimate mode from Armoury Crate) you won't be using the APU at all, so this issue should not be reproducible... Some users reported random reboots also in Ultimate GPU mode (= not using iGPU/APU)!
    👉🏻 NOTE2: users reported that completely uninstalling Armoury Crate (good free replacements tools are Laptop ToolBox or G-Helper) + BIOS 327, solved all their random reboots. Please test and confirm!
    👉🏻 NOTE3: some users reported changing RAM modules fixed instability. Recommended: Kingston Fury KF556S40IBK2 running at 5200MT/s on this laptop.

    It's a powerful machine and many things are good but is also affected by a lot of bugs... hope they are just BIOS or driver issues and will be fixed one day 😞

✍🏻 IMPORTANT: to report issues with Armoury Crate to ASUS support, follow this post (create the log and fill out the form!):

ASUS SCAR18 G834JY, i9-13980HX, 4090 16GB, 32GB 5600MHz RAM, 18" 16:10 2560x1600 240Hz G-Sync laptop screen, external UWQHD 3440x1440 Mi Monitor with Freesync, NVMe, 8BitDo Arcade Stick, EasySMX X10 controller, ROG Strix Carry mouse
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Interesting. Did also Cinebench R23 test, but without so much difference 

However, max frequencies change according to GHelper power mode. So tested in Turbo, and remember having similar results than with AC

ASUS G713PV Ryzen 9 7845HX, NVidia 4060 8GB, 32GB RAM, 1920x1080 144Hz G-Sync
Workarounds set for stability: W11 Hibernate disabled: powercfg /h off (NO sleep Freeze/reboots) W11 Core isolation disabled (NO flickers) W11 HD audio driver instead of nVidia HD audio driver (NO Crakling/unstable HDMI sound) GHelper (Lightweight and stable)

Level 7

I would like to add the this list of issues for this laptop. Seems like Asus doesn't care either.

But for me:
1. No sleep - laptop stays on all the time.
2. No sleep, crashes - laptop stays on and when I try to wake it, it crashes, no BSOD
3. Random crackling in audio, regardless of what audio device is used. I can switch out my headphones and its still there.

I don't recall having these issues when I had BIOS 319 installed. I can't see it being anything but a BIOS issue.

Would really love to have a stable laptop I spent almost 4 grand on

Level 9

546.33 nvidia driver solved my problem with sleep.

Currently on that version of NVIDIA driver and no change

Level 7

After so many time, is it worth to buy this laptop? (7945hx rtx 4080) I am afraid to get a product that has so many issues. I don't have time to spend to make this laptop working. Is still an issue to have armory crate installed?
I have a mouse rog chakram x and i like armory crate.

What do you think? Is worth to buy it or i must wait for another solution? I must use this laptop on a workstation setup.
i'm thinking to go for AM5 platform with 7950x but everything about AM5 is worse... 
i don't really trust asus, i have a Lenovo and 0 issues. i don't wanna buy a laptop with tones of issues.

My problems of random shutdowns with an external monitor were resolved with the 327 firmware, and I have the 4090 model.

I was initially pretty upset with the product, but I'm pretty content with it now. I also feel pretty bad for the technical support guys that had to deal with me during the RMA process, and it was the firmware all along.

I won't blame you if you still want to go with Lenovo to play it safe, but my issues were fixed.

Level 7

Thank you for the fast reply! Glad to hear that. Any throttle/thermal issues?  

No throttle or thermal issues. Please note that 94C is normal for this CPU and designed to run that hot according to AMD.

Level 8

Hi All, I bought the G733PYV version of the laptop with the 7945HX3D processor and it has Windows 11 latest version; added in another hard drive and 64gb of ram. After wrangling with it for a couple weeks, decided to wipe it clean and start over; so thats what I did, wiping out the main partition but leaving the factory reset partition just in case, although I didn't restore from it. As of this point, almost 2 weeks, havent seen any restart issues like before, screen flickers, etc. So it appears the system is stable. Coil wine is there, but its ok.

Just in case other people have issues, I wanted to leave some documentation of what I have seen.

The main thing that caused me to just wipe everything was that I was getting a VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR (113) (which is a directx error) that would cause a reboot and I simply wasnt able to solve the issue. I suspect directx drivers from an old game I installed may have been a culprit, but I dont think I will know unless it happens again. I did try doing a system restore before wiping, but I dont think I was able to go back far enough. 

I did do a Memtest with round robin setting for the processor, 4 cycles and it took just over 22 hours, no errors found. Have also done stress tests and monitored temperatures and everything looks fairly stable after the wipe. This leads me to believe that a majority of the problems encountered is simply due to bad software/firmware or the different things not playing nice, not because of a bad batch of chips or anything like that. (at least that I can tell)

When I did the wipe, I did not immediately reinstall the RTX4090 drivers; however I now have version 546.33. I eventually got G-helper as well as used the slimmed down driver install for the GPU instead of just getting the full package. Bios is 327. At this point I also have all the latest updates for Windows and other drivers such as Realtek. I have avoided armory crate entirely at this point. The major difference before and after I installed the video card drivers is that the computer would be able to sleep as normal (like fans turn off and such) *when unplugged* prior to GPU driver installation; did not see any temperature issues from this despite that having been reported by other people (even checked with a thermal camera). (FYI, I figured out that applying all permissions to the ambient lighting and acpower .exe sub applications of armory crate did solve issues being reported as events with them that caused alot of people problems)

After GPU driver installation, it wouldnt try to sleep/hibernate, even when battery level is critical, letting the battery run out completely. It does however go into a sleep like state with fans at a minimal level and screen/keyboard lights off. I do have more things to check on this, so I still might be able to solve that, but at this point I think its either an issue with the GPU keeping the computer awake, or something to do with the audio drivers as I think have been reported by other people.

Only windows events items I see now are due to WMIS(which I set to ignore after a few days), DCOM, Dgivecp, WUDfRd, LSA (which I have failed to stop so far), Windows Hello for Business (which I have also failed to stop so far), and a couple other ones. Nothing too concerning from what I can tell and I havent seen them leading to any impact on computer operation. I have tried disabling the integrated GPU and that causes Nvidia OpenGL Driver events, either out of memory or Drvsetcontext failure events, exactly 5 minutes (and always only 4 of them) after the computer starts up. I have tried running something I know specifically uses OpenGL for a couple hours, but havent seen any issues so far. In the couple weeks before the wipe, I had over 25k events accumulate and now after the wipe they have been reduced by 10x. My existing MSI computer accumulated 50k in over 10 years with most of those being in the last two years (literally, before 2 years ago most years had like a dozen or something). Setting ReadyBoot to 128mb also gets rid of issues with that. Was also able to at least partly or totally clear the Metadata events popping up.

I have done some gaming so far without audio (via speakers and headphones) or other issues. However, immediately after installing the GPU drivers I was getting >80FPS in Horizon benchmark and now my FPS seems capped at about 60; not sure what happened, but seemed like it had something to do with the integrated GPU (or maybe MyAsus which I just reinstalled as I want the battery care feature, but havent seen any issues so far). I had the integrated GPU re-enabled and it seemed to also cap furmark FPS but once I disabled it furmark was no longer capped but Horizon still is. So seems like there is still something happening, but 60FPS isnt bad. Either way, I have tried to set things so only the 4090 is used.

I didnt see the following specifically documented anywhere, but the biggest issue I saw (which is probably not isolated specifically to this computer, but probably cost me among the most time trying to figure out) was using both Bit Defender and Opera GX. Using both of these programs together will cause all page file memory (as far as I can tell, page file, not RAM) to be slowly eaten up until the computer crashes. This is likely caused by a memory leak issue with Bit Defender interacting with the way GX maintains its process in memory. Bit Defender had an issue in the past where it would take all RAM, but now it seems thats moved to taking the whole page file, but only seemed to be an issue when I used Opera GX. I use Webroot now.


Edit: Just to make sure its mentioned. The directx error I mention above only happened (as far as I saw) after the computer came back from hibernation and then the power cable was then plugged in, or unplugged and replugged. A short time later the crash would then happen.

This only seemed to occur once hibernation had happened while the computer had been on and then brought back from it. Unplugging and replugging the cord prior to any hibernation happening from the computer freshly starting would not cause the crash. This leads me to suspect, along with some other things I observed but cant remember at this point of there being some kind of poor handling in video card power state and transitioning. To restate though, since I wiped things clean, I have not seen any more crashes like before.

Given that the computer wont go into proper sleep since I installed the video card drivers, it does feel like there is some underlying issue related to power handling with the video card and I am pretty sure its drivers/firmware and nothing to do with the hardware itself.

in radeon settings theres radeon anti lag and radeon chill and an fps target control, i advise disable the lot