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Issues with new laptop Strix Scar 17 2023 (R9 7945HX, 4080)

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MY ISSUES WITH THIS G733PZ Strix Scar 17 2023 (R9 7945HX, 4080)

Love it but it has many annoying little issues (fully updated with Win Update and MyASUS official app, BIOS 311):

  1. [COMMON] Speaker sounds randomly muted 'till I reboot with no error in Device Manager, no icons with X and no crashes, but speakers simply do not play audio anymore (headphones still work). Only solution a reboot. Totally random in normal desktop usage.

  2. [COMMON] Sometimes randomly after 2 days of sleep and resume, USB-C DisplaPort won't detect anymore the attached (but turned off) monitor when I turn it on. Have to reinsert DisplayPort cable (8K high quality). To be exact it happens after Windows Hibernation. (SOLVED with BIOS 315 ✔️)

  3. [MY UNIT] Loud coil whine with the test from GPU_Caps_Viewer: 3D Demos/Vulkan 2 Tessellation. Tested in real games or other 3D Demos and coil whine is minimal and acceptable though...

  4. [COMMON] Random internal screen (desktop usage) fast-flickerings (0.1sec, very fast almost unnoticeable, mostrly in the upper portion of the screen)... looks like AMD iGPU unstable frequency (?). This seems a well known AMD iGPU issue reported in many forums with previous AMD CPU models. Waiting for AMD Adrenalin driver/BIOS updates hoping for a fix... 🤞🏻

  5. [COMMON] No S3 Standby state in the BIOS!! Forced S0 only (a sort of MS hybrid standby 2.0) with fans quietly active (???). You can check it with powercfg /a from admin Cmd prompt. Microsoft calls it "Modern Standby", which is good only for office workstations, maybe. We need S3 (classic Standby) instead.

  6. [COMMON] Standby set as: after 10 min screen off and after 45 min standby; when I return to the laptop after 1-2 hours I find the keyboard leds on and system freezed including stuck white mouse pointer over a black screen (!?). I've found a workaround from admin prompt simply forcing hibernate after 30 min and setting screen off and standby both after 10 min. It didn't happen anymore.

    Power settings commands (admin):
    powercfg /x  hibernate-timeout-ac 0  (default 0, AC is for PSU mode)
    powercfg /x  hibernate-timeout-dc 60 (default 60 min = 3600 sec, DC is for battery mode)
    powercfg HIBERNATE ON (force-enable Hibernation if not present)
    powercfg /q (to show current idle settings)
    Microsoft link on how to disable Modern Standby, if you want to: Remember to disable also Armoury Crate's Modern Standby Assistant completely (Off).

    Recommended: enable hibernate, something like 30mins AC and 20mins DC, you can keep Modern Standby set after 20 and 10mins. This will workaround unresponsive screen or keyboard after a long time if you rely solely on Modern Standby (probably drivers are still not good enough).

  7. [COMMON] BSOD or other issues connecting an autopowered storage device to the rear USB-C ports. I tried 3 different external enclosures with different controller chipset (ViaLab USB\VID_2109&PID_0716, Realtek USB\VID_0BDA&PID_9210, ASMedia USB\VID_174C&PID_235C) with a 2TB disk inside. They all caused strange slowdowns just opening directories and random black screen or direct BSOD (ViaLab in particular). In other cases they just disconnect frequently (unstable). Same devices connected to the lateral USB-A ports or to another PC work perfectly. Probably BIOS issues still present with 315.
    NEWS: there's an (untested) hotfix for ASMedia USB ports on the official site in the download page!

  8. [COMMON] RANDOM REBOOTS 🧨 MAJOR ISSUE, in particular while using the machine at desktop through APU/iGPU (especially watching simple YT videos), even after factory reset and no driver updates! Here was a video showing this severe issue:!ApMUGr0cuN39gsMCAwx9_wjnHscEXg?e=DJlN7i 
    👉🏻 NOTE: if you're using "NVidia GPU Only" mode (or Ultimate mode from Armoury Crate) you won't be using the APU at all, so this issue should not be reproducible... Some users reported random reboots also in Ultimate GPU mode (= not using iGPU/APU)!
    👉🏻 NOTE2: users reported that completely uninstalling Armoury Crate (good free replacements tools are Laptop ToolBox or G-Helper) + BIOS 327, solved all their random reboots. Please test and confirm!
    👉🏻 NOTE3: some users reported changing RAM modules fixed instability. Recommended: Kingston Fury KF556S40IBK2 running at 5200MT/s on this laptop.

    It's a powerful machine and many things are good but is also affected by a lot of bugs... hope they are just BIOS or driver issues and will be fixed one day 😞

✍🏻 IMPORTANT: to report issues with Armoury Crate to ASUS support, follow this post (create the log and fill out the form!):

ASUS SCAR18 G834JY, i9-13980HX, 4090 16GB, 32GB 5600MHz RAM, 18" 16:10 2560x1600 240Hz G-Sync laptop screen, external UWQHD 3440x1440 Mi Monitor with Freesync, NVMe, 8BitDo Arcade Stick, EasySMX X10 controller, ROG Strix Carry mouse
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Hey! Did you manage to find a solution for point 2?

I have the same issue - in games, not even demanding ones, after 30-40 minutes of playing there is a chance a laptop will just go dark and reboot. No difference between Performance & Turbo modes. Also have 4090 version and a cooling pad - CPU goes up to 97-98 max, GPU around 50-60.

Level 8

I thought this was more related to 4060 and 4070 equipped model, I literally never game, not once, I bought this laptop for the cpu and I've been lamenting getting it.

I was open to the idea of maybe paying something extra for a 4080-4090 equipped exchange with ASUS but seeing that this is not related to this, I will contact my retailer for a return, this is unacceptable.

Level 7

Hello guys.

I have ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278QR 165hz monitor with HDMI cable 1.4

I am connecting laptop ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR 17 240Hz with monitor.

And in options I can only choose 60Hz. I have read in the internet that HDMI 1.4 supports only 1080p up to 144Hz, 2k up to 75Hz and 4k up to 30Hz.

And as I can understand the monitor only support HDMI 1.4, I cannot just change the hdmi cable to a newer version?


Could get an adapter either USB C, or hdmi to DP. I think that monitor needs display port to run higher refresh rate.

Level 8

Hexae i have exatct same laptop as u mine problem  is sometimes every few days i got this problem.Yesterday laptop was all day in use gaming and late nigtt i got problem i got some times cpu goes in load 55-60% even i dont do notin and fans keep spining and laptop becomes unresponsive and freze i hawe to shut down manualy.I have set in armory to Ultimate and in Bios to Nvidia gpu.Do anbody else have these problem and whats going on with laptop im on bios 316

Level 8

ASUS g733pz, after a clean install of windows 11, installing all updates and drivers from the ASUS website, there is no sound.
Windows sees no problems, the sound device works fine, the sound bar moves, but there is no sound.
At the same time, when you turn on the laptop, when the ASUS logo appears, there is sound.

How can I solve the problem?

go to control panel,click on troubleshooting,then click on other troubleshooters,and then on audio click run.if this helps,let me know.

The problem was solved by reinstalling the system

Level 10

I have registered on this forum for the sole reason of describing an issue i had with G733PY laptop (7945hx + 4090 model).

I had an abnormal behavior of system keyboard: the first keystrokes were always missing as if the keyboard went into sleep mode. More than that, continuously using the keyboard (e.g. gaming or just chatting) was totally fine, so the issue seemed software-related. And indeed it was.

Another point which led me to believe that it's something strange is that I was developing some software which was directly reading HID device to capture keystrokes (for hotkeys functionality). And reading logs I noticed that the device was just disconnected after several seconds; and if the app was launched without pressing any keyboard key prior to launching, it would not detect the keyboard at all.

So, TLDR, I dug deeper and found how to solve the issue. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Find all the USB Controllers
  3. Select the first USB Controller
  4. Go to Powersaving tab if it exists. If not, just skip the device and go to the next one
  5. Disable "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

Repeat until keyboard issue is resolved. You can also restore "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" for the devices which made no difference. I had around 11 devices in the list and decided to just disable this power-saving feature for all of them.

(!!!) This can also be the reason why the laptop may not wake up from sleep after some time. Not sure, but I'd urge someone to test this theory.

I am pretty sure it is a well-known issue on Asus models in particular, and I've found lots of threads online regarding the issue, but nobody seems to have solved it. Hope this information helps someone out there in the wild.

Asus Rog Strix Scar 17 (2023) G733PY, AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX, NVIDIA RTX 4090 175W, 64GB RAM, 2x Samsung 990 Pro RAID0

Level 10

BIOS 319 is out, the changelog only mentions stability improvements. Let's hope some of the mentioned stuff in this thread has been addressed.

Asus Rog Strix Scar 17 (2023) G733PY, AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX, NVIDIA RTX 4090 175W, 64GB RAM, 2x Samsung 990 Pro RAID0