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ISSUE -Asus Rog Strix Scar 16 HDR black Screen DISCRETE MODE.

Level 9

I leave a link on Youtube for Asus to check for severe black screen problem once HDR is activated in discrete mode.
It is necessary to enter Bios and change to integrated mode, this with Scar 16 4090 fully updated on W11 22H2 and the latest nvidia 531 drivers, say that this problem does not happen with drivers prior to 531xx series. It seems that Lenovo and XMG have updated their Bios to fix this huge bug that renders the Scar completely locked.

It´s neccesary integrated mode in Bios and via nvidia control panel in W11 -selection dGpu and disable HDR to a fix.-




I leave you this video that I hope will help you with the problem.

Black Screen Bug HDR Asus Scar 16 Discrete Graphics Mode Nvidia 4090. Scar 16" Locked Bug, integrated mode neccesary to a fix.

535.98 🙂 latest on nvidia homepage. Enjoy 😊 

This may be the reason we are stuck on 528.XX for ASUS official drivers: I believe Display Stream Compression is used on G16 and G18 laptops.



Thanks a ton. Can’t wait to reach the hotel and fire this up. Will make travel bearable again. You’ve checked all permutations and combinations I’m assuming. Including pulling out power cables and changing refresh rate. 

I havent change refresh rate or pulled the cord. I never do. But I rebooted and tested a game and it worked 

duplicate - updated in my last comment


Tested with my Rog G634JZ with 4080 and latest nvidia drivers 535.98, looks good so far, no more problems:

- enable / disable hdr  ok, gpu mode set to standard

- plug/ unplug cable to switch between performance and silent mode - ok - the screen going black for a moment between these modes is ok 

- resolution and refresh  change ok

- system restart with hdr on - ok

Tested with BF5, ok

Level 7

Guys, I'm so glad I can confirm that after the update to the new drivers the issue seems finally solved. No more stuck black screens switching to sdr/hdr mode, no more black screens after boot. Currently I'm on Ultimate Gpu mode, haven't tried with Optimus/Advanced Optimus enabled but I hope the fix is valid for all modes. If it's true I'm super excited! Finally... After two months of struggles....


I'm glad to report Asus finally published new customized version of Nvidia drivers v536.45

That was a very long wait, hopefully issue like this one is behind us and they will now provide updates regularly.

You don't need to wait for Asus drivers for NVidia, those from Nvidia (installed via GForce Experience) directly work now

You can use them, but they are not validated by Asus and can cause other issues.
Using those from nvidia and you are at least loosing nvidia-smi command support, which I suspect to be used by Asus Armoury Crate.
I also suspect they are source of issues with GameVisual feature.
If our laptops have been made to be used with non-customized Nvidia drivers (Like Razer and XMG laptops), Asus would not bother spending time/money to provide a customized version, they would exactly like Razer and XMG give us a link to redirect us to Intel and Nvidia website.