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ISSUE -Asus Rog Strix Scar 16 HDR black Screen DISCRETE MODE.

Level 9

I leave a link on Youtube for Asus to check for severe black screen problem once HDR is activated in discrete mode.
It is necessary to enter Bios and change to integrated mode, this with Scar 16 4090 fully updated on W11 22H2 and the latest nvidia 531 drivers, say that this problem does not happen with drivers prior to 531xx series. It seems that Lenovo and XMG have updated their Bios to fix this huge bug that renders the Scar completely locked.

It´s neccesary integrated mode in Bios and via nvidia control panel in W11 -selection dGpu and disable HDR to a fix.-




I leave you this video that I hope will help you with the problem.


I'm really concerned about ASUS policy regarding video drivers update, and I fear the worst for our laptop future.

I've just had a look at last year 2022 SCAR support page, and was shocked to see they are stuck on Nvidia v516.40 drivers, which were released on 2022/07/04!!

For this reason yes, I will not buy anymore a laptop from any brand that require customized video drivers, as customized drivers are acceptable only if they are updated regulary.

If this is the case then it is indeed deeply disconcerting. And concerning. I’m smelling a class action lawsuit. Never seen a company with such blatant disregard for their consumers. Money grab mentality will never work. It’s a 20 billion a year company. How they allow such a stinking corporate culture to propagate further. It’s a cultural issue at this company. 

if drivers aren’t updated I fear we may be unable to play Diablo 4. Now That would be a travesty. 

Exactly. Funny you're talking about Diablo IV as I had to update Nvidia drivers to Nvidia latest version to play it correctly during server slam. Diablo was then running correctly, but now sometimes Armoury Crate report max TDP at 140W for my 4070... and sometimes it report max TDP at 155W! 🙂

I guess Armoury Crate probably requires Asus customized Nvidia drivers.

Only 2 ways to solve the issue:

1-ASUS must release new customized Nvidia drivers

2-better solution: ASUS should stop using customized drivers, and make all necessary changes (bios, etc...) to allow us to use Nvidia generic drivers without issues

I found some interesting informations about current Nvidia driver situation, here is Google translated text (you will find source link at the bottom)

"The new NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 535.98 drivers contain several long-awaited compatibility fixes such as the one for the display problem with the DSR or DLDSR functions when resuming from sleep.

Unfortunately, many bugs already present in the R530 branch persist in this new R535 branch and new bugs have even appeared as always. Obviously, we mainly think of the flashing black screen with the G-SYNC function on multi-monitor configurations equipped with Adaptive-Sync screens. This bug however quickly received a fix with hotfix 536.09.

According to the official release notes in PDF format, only two issues are currently known to NVIDIA in build 535.98 namely flickering in Watch Dogs 2 and increased DPC latency which have been ongoing for some time now. But in reality, NVIDIA is aware of many more bugs and only mentions them, for some reason, on its discussion forum. A good dozen bugs are actually currently being studied and in the process of finding a correction in the more or less long term.

List of Known Bugs in NVIDIA GeForce 535.98 Drivers

Control: Cutscenes and videos are jerky and shaky with DirectX 12 API.
Dead Space 2023: Video game crashes during a game with driver 535.98.
Halo Infinite: Low performance with GeForce GTX 900 Series GPUs.
Red Dead Redemption II: Video game crashes a few minutes after launching with the Vulkan API.
Watch Dogs 2: Early flickers in the sky with the GeForce RTX 4090 GPU.
Enabling and disabling HDR mode during gameplay causes game instability when using a non-native resolution.
Observed increased DPC latency with LatencyMon app.
Some video games crash when applying Freestyle filters with the GeForce Experience app (Assassin's Creed Series, Atomic Hearts, Battlefield 2042, Dead Space 2023, Destiny 2, Forza Horizon 5, Hogwarts Legacy, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Perish, Red Dead Redemption II...).
The Event Viewer logs an nvlddmkm driver error at the end of the graphics memory test by the OCCT application when the memory is full.
Small checkerboard patterns appear randomly in Chromium web browser-based apps.
The dedicated GPU in Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Studio laptops gets stuck at the lowest frequency when the battery runs out.
TDR error or black screen after updating driver to R530/R535 branches with some GeForce RTX 40 Series mobile GPUs.
Some monitors show random black screen in DSC (Display Stream Compression) mode with R530/R535 drivers.
The Fast Sync feature caps the frame rate per second (FPS) of games at the maximum refresh rate of the monitor.
Random image flickering with driver 535.98 when enabling G-SYNC on a setup with multiple Adaptive-Sync monitors (fixed by hotfix 536.09).
Brightness issue with Dell G15 Ryzen Edition laptops and their GeForce RTX 3060 GPU.

Some details on the patches to come (or not)

As you can see, this list still contains the crash of some games with Freestyle visual effects while NVIDIA indicated in the 535.98 release notes that it has been fixed. This is an internal communication error at NVIDIA since this bug has not yet been fixed. The manufacturer still claims to be working on a solution.

Regarding foliage issues in the game Halo Wars 2, NVIDIA has removed this bug from its list and now specifies that it is an issue in the game itself and not in the GeForce driver. Debugging showed errors. The studio that develops the game has been notified.

For artifacts in Chromium-type web browsers (Chrome, Edge...), NVIDIA is finally no longer certain, there too, that it is a driver problem and the cause of the bug has not yet been identified. No corrective date is therefore mentioned. Also, rolling back to a previous version of the driver does not fix the problem.

A fix is ​​being tested by NVIDIA for the black screen observed on DSC monitors with the R530 and R535 drivers but it should not be integrated into the GeForce drivers before the end of July 2023!

Halo Infinite game low performance with GeForce GTX 900 Series (Maxwell) GPUs will be fixed by an upcoming GeForce driver update sometime in June 2023. Good news!

Finally, the performance limitation with the Fast Sync function will be corrected in the next driver scheduled for mid-June 2023."

Source: TousLesDrivers 

It appears the companies where the drivers aren’t creating an issue any longer have issued BIOS updates. Whereas others have been negligent and belligerent about it. It’s indeed sad that enthusiast tier customers are blatantly ignored and taken for granted. Suffice to say I will never purchase an Asus product again. Of any kind. Good bye to the ROG ally too. Just because the parent company has peeves me off beyond reprieve. 

Level 9

Yes, in my video I can reproduce the HDR problem, I also recorded the solution to be able to unlock the Scar 16".


Level 9

At this point i think we can agree upon everyone with a gen 13/rtx laptop have this problem, incl me.

Only ones that says there is no problem is ASUS themself.. 

Level 8

I'm having similar issues. If I have set the optimus switching dealie to the nvidia GPU, I get tons of freezes and unsuccessful boots. It's a disaster.

Level 10

Issue is still not resolved.  Thousands are having this issue across your 4090 laptops AMD CPY and Intel CPU.  Why are you guys in denial and not even acknowledging it and at least assuring your enthusiast level customers that a potential resolution is underway?