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is there a way to ReFlash Same bios to my laptop instead of Bestbuy doing it?

Level 7
not sure if I'm in the right sub heading

but i have the GL703VM laptop the windows AsusLiveUpdate tried updating the bios i guess 5 times while windows was updating it.. and 6 time it succeded... but i found Bios i guess is corrupt... it updated to 306 version.. but usb is detected but it cant boot... there is not boot options the EZ Flash3 only sees Fs0:\[256mb] doesn't see the c drive the F9 doesn't work to boot the hidden partition..... asus said there software had to have glitched and corrupted the bios... and that best buy would have the software to reforce a bios flash they wouldn't send me the same software to do it...
but since best buy is over an hours drive away from my house... i was hoping someone could tell me where i could get the software they use to force a reflash sine the winflash from asus site will not allow me to re flash the same bios that is currently installed