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Is my laptop defective? | Asus ROG Strix G733PZ | CPU temp 62-64c at idle and 87-94c when gaming.

Level 7

I recently bought this laptop Asus ROG Strix G733PZ

While playing Diablo 4 today it unexpectedly completely turned off and rebooted. 

Looking at my even viewer i found the Critical / Kernel-Power event and right before it an Information event:

ACPI thermal zone \_TZ.TZ01 has been enumerated.
_PSV = 0K
_TC1 = 1
_TC2 = 2
_TSP = 2000ms
_AC0 = 0K
_AC1 = 0K
_AC2 = 0K
_AC3 = 0K
_AC4 = 0K
_AC5 = 0K
_AC6 = 0K
_AC7 = 0K
_AC8 = 0K
_AC9 = 0K
_CRT = 393K
_HOT = 0K
minimum throttle = 0
_CR3 = 0K


After that i tried playing Diablo 4 while monitoring the Armoury Crate on my other screen.

With the game ON, It showed the GPU running at 63c with 49% usage, but what terrified me was the CPU stats. At 25% usage the CPU stood at 94c temperature.

Even now as im witting this with nothing but chrome on, the CPU shows 64c temperature.

Is my laptop defective?


Level 12

They seem about normal to me, you could look into the amount of bloatware on you system, I don't know how old your system is but have you cleaned the fans lately.  What is the temp in the room you are using your laptop is it warm in that area?

I havent cleaned the fans but the laptop is very new, this is the 2nd month i have it. And i worry that opening it up would just break the warranty.

Room temp is steady 22-23C as im lucky enough to have house air-conditioning. Furthermore the laptop is mounted atop an elevated laptop base (which i dont really turn on) to make sure that there is proper airflow to its vents.

Im just worried because the type of shutdown i experienced was something my old PC would do when CPU overheated.

Are 90C+ consistent temperatures really normal nowadays?

Screenshot 2023-11-16 035058.png Picture for ref.

Level 7

Screenshot 2023-11-16 035454.png

picture for ref. 

Level 12

Never use performance or turbo mode better use custom mode 

Screenshot 2023-11-18 032438.png

1-go in manuel mode 

2-create new profile

3-abjust the graph on the left side you have % of the fan speed down you have the temperature my advice is to abjust the dots in this order 30 Degrees=30% fan speed and after this at 40 degrees=40% fan speed you do this till the end of the dots at 90 degreese you can set fan speed at 90% if is too loude drop the fan speed% little bit and try to test and abjust 

4- you choose the GPU and abjust the GPU fan at the same temperature limits when you abjust the CPU and GPU fan profile go between 2 and 5 and safe the profile that you make test this new profile in games and if needed abjusting try to do it 

For example i have strix G16 whit 4060gpu and i7 13650HX whit custom fan profile udervolt and overclock my CPU dont go above 72-75 degrees and the GPU stay at max 65 degrees and this temperature are for Warzone 2 , Dying Light 2, God Of War, Forza Horizon 5 and Hogwarts Legacy in this all games i have max performers from the laptop at normal temperatures but the undervolting is other things i also have third system fan but try to abjust that i show you and this will help a lot if you have questions write again

Level 12

I forget to mention amd CPUs work on higher temperature than intel in laptops in youtube you can see other models laptops whit amd to have temperatures like this 

Also other advice is to buy a cooling pad for the laptop bigger pad whit more fans is better my pad have 2 big fans and 2 small

Firs photo is mine cooling pad





Secon for is idea what else you can buy that can do good work



I buy my cooling pad for 20 euro 

Level 12

That sticker is NOT enforceable in the United States. If you are given problems by a Manufacture  about warranty void stickers in the United States remind them that the FTC has ruled that Warranty Void Stickers are Illegal and they could be subject to severe penalties if they try to enforce them.

Make sure your not blocking your air vents change the setting in the games you play, an cooling pad can help by just lifting it off the surface your have your laptop on, is the temp in the room you have your system too hot that can effect your system. 

Level 12

Look at this comparison whit your processor and i9

You can see how in the most game the cpu get more than 85C so this is normal for amd 


 also ohter thing is that your model have 2 fans instead 3 in intel cpu model you have 3 fans that help for better temperatures 


 and you dont need to clean it i open my afte 3 months for upgrade and it was clean 

For example this is the i9 or i7 processor 


 just buy good cooling pad and make custom mode that will fix the temperatures a lot i think is better to buy a similar to the second cooling pad on the photo not the same like mine on the first photo