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Is it safe to remove all Asus pre-installed software?

Level 7

I recently bought a Asus ROG Strix G18 G814JIR-N6003W and the first thing I did was remove all of the software that I had no idea what it was doing. (I also removed stuff that I knew what it did but didn't want). I figured; if I want some LED control I will find the program and re-install it later.
There was a lot of small Asus programs... After less that a my PC went black. The Asus ROG logo appeared after a reboot... for 1 minute. My laptop said "Goodbye world!" and never did anything ever again. It was black. Not even a battery LED was on when charging.
I am getting a replacement laptop (same model/make) but is there any software that prevents damage to the hardware that I removed? Should I leave certain software on there? If so, which?

Thank you!