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is it possible to get 4k@60 hertz output from gl552vw?

Level 7
i recently bought 4k monitor, and i didn't know details about 4k support of my gpu and hdmi/displayport interfaces. when i use hdmi, it only supports up to 30hertz on 4k or 60 hertz on lower resolutions.

when i look for the issue, i learned that gtx960m doesn't support hdmi 2.0(which is support 4k@60, also i can't find the hdmi version of the notebook). in addition gl552vw only has usb 3.0 ports(type a and type c) besides hdmi. if i will buy a converter from usb 3.0(which is support up to 5gbps) to display port, can i get 60 hertz ? or should i request refund and buy a display with lower resolution?

Level 9
I bought a brand new GL703GE two weeks ago. My understanding is that intel does not support 60hz through hdmi 2.0. I use display port adapter. In general display port or usb "c" should support 4k@60hz. You need a adapter the specifically supports 60hz if it doesn't say 60hz in the fine print don't buy it. They are online, sometimes difficult to find brick and mortar.

Level 7
hi, i tried an type c to dp converter but gl552vw does not have 'displayport alternate mode' or thunderbolt 3 so it is not worked. on the other hand your notebook has mdp 1.2 which supports 4k at 60 fps. you have hdmi 1.4 and usb 3.1 type c ports which both have not enough data rate to support 4k at 60 fps as i learned this week 🙂

4k at 60 fps supported by the interfaces below

  • displayport 1.2 or later
  • hdmi 2.0 or later
  • type c (displayport alt mode - ‡D symbol next to type c port)(also probably dp 1.2 or later)
  • type c (thunderbolt 3 or later - ↯ symbol next to type c port)

if you do not have these interfaces, more likely you will stuck at 30 fps or lower resolution with your current hardware.