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Is gl502vmk nvme drive bootable

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I want to install a Samsung NV 960 evo. Can I boot off an NVme ssd?

Level 7
zalazin wrote:
I want to install a Samsung NV 960 evo. Can I boot off an NVme ssd?


I have a GL502VMK with the 7700HQ, GTX 1060 and 12GB of RAM. It came with a SATA SSD by SanDisk, and I replaced it with a NVMe 512GB 960 EVO SSD. It worked like a charm (I didn't even have to change anything in my BIOS; it was on default settings and it ran the latest version at the time, 300). Just make sure to have a M.2 screw handy, should your laptop be without a M.2 SSD currently, as the 960 EVO doesen't ship with a M.2 screw. Also, be aware that you'll probably need to use a migration utility like EaseUS (or maybe Samsung's utility) to migrate the OS to the new SSD.

Have a wonderful day,

The M.2 slot is available to boot from it.

It your laptop shipped with a SDD on the M.2 slot, that it is a simple drive swap.
In this case, there is a M.2 screw on the original drive.

But if your laptop does not have a SSD on its M.2 slot, you will need to place the SDD on it, add a M.2 screw (sold separately), and change the BIOS boot priority.
You can use a Migration software and should erase the HDD of the 2.5" slot, as there will be two bootable drives after adding a new M.2 slot.

Good luck!