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Intel XTU dont restore tuning after reboot

Level 11

Rog Strix G16      G614JV

Hello i have problem whit the restoring of intel XTU profile after reboot becаuse Watchdog is missing i also write in intel forum about this problem

this is the full post also one of the comment from the support was this

Some users with an ASUS* motherboard combined with an unlocked processor may be unable to restore profiles settings after reboot. This is because the Intel® Watchdog Timer Driver (Intel® WDT Driver) is not present in Intel® XTU. Intel® WDT Driver is responsible for the automatic Restore tuning after reboot settings. Under Intel® XTU System Information, find Watchdog section and confirm Watchdog Present shows FalseFalse means the Watchdog is not detected within the system, and the Intel® XTU user will have to manually restore settings/profiles after reboot.

i wont to ask is there anything that can be done about this




Not applicable

Same issue here with G614JI