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Installing Win10 on new M2 drive, how do I go about getting the activation key ?

Level 7
I've got a spare 1TB MP510 M2 drive laying about the house so I'm thinking on removing the Micron 256GB one that came with the laptop in favour of the 1TB one.

I can install windows 10 easily enough but how do I go about getting the key for activation again?

Level 8
If you install the same windows version you should not have any problem, the system will reactivate itself. If you get an activation problem just search for activation on settings and press troubleshoot, and it will activate it (If you installed the same ver.)

Great, tha KS for confirming. I'll give it a shot when I get home then.

Level 11
The key is in the bios, don't worry about it. Download the ISO from MS website and install it. It will automatically install the correct version according to the key.

Brilliant. Thanks very much.