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Installing ASUS GPU Tweak II caused the System to Lags & Lock Ups on Laptop

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Hi to all,
first time posting in the forums..

I've purchased a gl702vm not long ago (the one with the Kaby Lake processor)..

which i then shortly after had to spend a considerable amount of time regarding tackle various issues on these gaming notebooks.. fast forward to yesterday>>

i was going to see what options i will have if i were to use an ASUS original software (link to the download page for the sake of monitoring/info or possible undervolting/overclocking or any gpu fan control etc that it might yields me through using the program

i ran the setup which asked for a reboot after install, i confirmed the restart.. then for a short while after logging on to windows everything started to show weird behaviors including constant lags & lock Ups with the exception of ASUS GPU Tweak II itself meaning fully operational with zero symptoms of such behaviors [by the way i checked cpu/gpu utilization during that time but they were normal]..

i had done absolutely no changes to the 1060 GPU on the laptop prior to this(also worth mentioning not a single change applied in the ASUS GPU Tweak program either) but had installed & had running msi afterburner and NoteBook FanControl program(with custom settings specific to gl702vm that been set). & on the cpu part i have had undervolting applied to cpu core and cache (-0.115) and intel internal GPU (-0.038) using the throttlestop tool.. before the installation.

i tried to close every single other programs(also set all the 3 voltage offsets in throttlestop to their defaults then applied) thinking that this might be a cause of some sort of a conflict but weird behaviors continued to show up exactly the same even after every windows restarts(& apparently with the same timing).. i then uninstalled the software but it was shocking to see the miss behaviors did not disappeared at all to the point i decided to use a windows restore point (yes! i was fortunate to have one) which after applying finally i was able to get rid of.... so my impression, what the heck!

laptop: GL702VM (7th gen)
BIOS version: 303
Win 10 (upgraded to pro)
build (14393.351)

Asus GPUTweakII Ver1.5.0.5

Level 7
I wouldn't recommend installing both Afterburner AND GPU Tweak. Use one or the other. I don't use either although I tried both and GPU Tweak wasn't stable. Use Afterburner.

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bugmeNot if u ever install GPU Tweak again and want to uninstall it or update to new version use ASUS GPUTweakII RemoveTool V1.0.0.9 its on the same page as Tweak ll downloads