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I want to upgrade ROG Strix G18 (2023) RAM to 5600mhz in BIOS

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I want Asus officials to support this issue. I want to upgrade ROG Strix G18 (2023) RAM to 5600 mhz. Please do a bios update for it. Other brands allow up to 6000 MHz.

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As I'm here from germany the web ending .tr is well known for many people 😉

As I'm not involved to the specific custom rules I can't tell you how or where to get the modules eventually from good friends / families which are visiting you or your friends site from over here. Maybe it could be an option to ask some friends with european family members visiting turkey most holiday times to get some modules for you ? But I think the pricing is an other big point and the guarantee if something went wrong. Same problem with shops like AliExpress or something like that. They always left a feeling of bitter taste to my mind. What if something went wrong ? Where to get the guarantee ? Who to contact in a RMA situation ? 

So I can understand your situation.

And as I'm not a turkish speaking people, I can't tell you what this kind of website is telling me, but maybe it will help you ? ( )

Found them on Amazon, too: (üketimi-KF556S40IB-32/dp/B0BRTJZL5H/ref=sr... )

As you know some price comparing websites, I think you will find also some better deals. The actually pricing over here is round about 110€ ~ 3200TL ( if the exchange calculator works correctly ) for the Kingston Fury 32GB 5600 kit, but like I told you, I can't say anything about the customs or tax fees.

But I think when you do some research for the specific part number KF556S40IB-32 of these modules, you'll find some shopping deals for your region, too. 👍

Otherwise we've to wait for some guys to confirm the full functionality of the Crucial RAMs

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Laughs in AMD form browser just letting you run 5600mhz dual sided sticks at 6000 via efi changing

As long as we won't get the might and magic of Intel XMP profiles or an official possibility to manually OC the RAM this will be a dream to some users... 😞 I don't know why AMD get this feature ( if it's officially supported ) or may it be run by a third party software or unlocked UEFI ? At least I don't want to break my system or loose guarantee by an unauthorized or unsupported software or unlocked UEFI for an eventually possibility to raise my RAM speed just a bit. That's not worth the money.

Surely of course it would be nice when the XMP 5600 profile of the RAM can be loaded and will also work on the dual ranked modules. Of course I would like to test XMP 6000 also if it works, just to see the difference and if it runs stable I would possibly keep it. 😉 I think there's some hidden potential in our system which is not maxed out yet. But like I said, as long as we won't given the XMP profiles we have to deal with that situation. I guess the XMP option would also fix some strange and curious phenomenons like Kogashjne's issues with his RAM.

I'm still in hope that some day the XMP option in our UEFI is no longer hidden and we can test it.

problem with xmp profiled ram that runs at 5600mhz or higher is it runs at 1,35v

this is 1.1v because only hynix keeps the a grade stuff

God ******, I didn't recognize this important little thing 🙄

So if there will be a regular voltage XMP profile we're still limited to 1,1V @5600 MT/s which will be still good to some users who have trouble with their modules to get to the right speeds or are using dual ranked modules which are certified / tested / or only  promoted to can run up to XMP 5600 @ 1,1V🤔 But the question in here is: where have they been tested to run at this profile or is it just marketing ? Nevertheless it would be nice if this option where available some day. In my opinion it would also be nice to test 6000MT/s in OC but if the modules have to run at 1,35V for this option this could be end up in a little thermal desease and errors.

Thanks for this little hint I didn't recognize so far. 👍

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Hi All,

My question is: Does the model number matter when upgrading to 96GB RAM?

Based on the info I gather on this thread, I am planning to order the following:

- Asus Rog Strix G18 G814JI-N6140 (or G814JI-N6142) i9 13980HX RTX4070
- 2x Crucial 48GB DDR5 5600/5200/4800MHz (not 2x kit, but should be fine?)
- Transcend 4TB ~7000MB/s

While upgrading the RAM, I'll definitely follow the detailed instructions on this thread: upgrade BIOS to the latest version, reset BIOS to defaults, allow machine to train for RAM timings, etc.

But I want to confirm my conclusion that the model number G814JI-N6140 (or G814JI-N6142) does not matter, and as long as it is an Asus Rog Strix G18, I can upgrade the RAM to 96GB (I don't mind if it runs at 4800 or 5200MHz). Is this correct? (I see that @LastingOption has upgraded to 96GB, but that's on a G15.)


Afaik 96Gb are not possible. The user you mentioned did not confirm it works.

Another user tried it wihtout success too

Hey@a3x05, uhm, no he actually confirmed that 96GB works at 4800 in his post here.

Sorry @a3x05  but no again, because the post you mention is 1 day earlier than the post I mention (not later). So I hope @LastingOption replies my last message to him to clear things up. But I am concerned because his messages are from 3 months ago.