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I want to upgrade ROG Strix G18 (2023) RAM to 5600mhz in BIOS

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I want Asus officials to support this issue. I want to upgrade ROG Strix G18 (2023) RAM to 5600 mhz. Please do a bios update for it. Other brands allow up to 6000 MHz.

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Hi @Ranty79 (and @Yokehoo)

Sorry to read that you're having issues with your Crucial 2x48GB memory sticks. I just wanted to confirm again that my Crucial 2x48GB memory sticks in my G634JZ are running great for the past 4+ months.

Your memory sticks may be faulty or not, but note that we have two major differences:

1. You have G834JY, whereas I have G634JZ
2. I am running Linux Mint on this machine since the beginning (never installed Windows on it, and have no plans to do so at all)

I read that you have already removed the memory sticks, and you don't want to put them back in again. But if you ever want to try again, I would recommend you try a Linux Live CD, in case the issue is with Windows. Linux Mint 21.3 should work. You can try to install as well, if you're willing to scrap your Windows, but note that Linux Mint 21.2 could not detect the SSD in my machine due to missing drivers, 4 months ago. Version 21.3 may or may not detect it, if not the installation becomes too involved (requires partition transplantation). So, I'd recommend installing on a USB stick instead (which is the first step in partition transplantation anyway).


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I have done it (5600mhz) almost a year ago when i bough my laptop G18 but then i faced many troubles. I downgraded back to original ones. Now i am ordering 4800mhz. 

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I had 64 ram 5600 of kingston.

working on 5200.

if 32 gb will work 5600

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Asus rog strix g18 İ9 13980HX 4070 nvıda 2x16 32 gb 5600 ram takviyesi ve 1 tb m2 ssd wd black sn850x takviye yaptım ve sorunsuz çalışıyor ram.photo_5884090000381951187_y.jpgphoto_5884090000381951188_y.jpgphoto_5884090000381951186_y.jpg

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Aldığım ürün bu sorunsuz çalışıyor

Kingston Fury Impact 32GB...


ви насправді вважаєте, що на турецькій мові щось розуміло?

Aynisini 6 ay once 64gb set olarak aldim hep sorun yasadim. Mavi ekran. Sonra cikarttim. 4800 olaninini aldim simdi denicem. Ama zaten 5600 le de hiz 4800 olarak sinirlanmisti yani bi farki olmadigi icin gerekte yok. Sen denedinmi ne hizle calisiyorlar diye(uzun sure stress diagnose test)? Anakart 4800 uzerine son bios update ten sonra bile musade etmiyor diye biliyorum. 

Write in English please

I bought the same one 6 months ago as a 64gb set, I always had problems. Blue screen. Then I took it off. I bought the 4800 and tomorrow or day after i will try them.  with 5600mhz:  the speed was limited to 4800, so there is no difference, so there is no need. Have you tried how fast they work (long time stress diagnose test)? I know that the motherboard does not allow 4800 even after the last bios update.

The 32GB set worked fine at 5600mhz.