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I want to upgrade ROG Strix G18 (2023) RAM to 5600mhz in BIOS

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I want Asus officials to support this issue. I want to upgrade ROG Strix G18 (2023) RAM to 5600 mhz. Please do a bios update for it. Other brands allow up to 6000 MHz.

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can always do what i did and get a Zephyrus duo 16 🙂
i benefit from mini led screen like the scar 16 but also get to run my ram at 6000mhz 

Hi, was the BIOS updated and now supports DDR5 at 5600 ? Thanks.

Big time Thank You...  Yokehoo..   I tried  2 other type "no joy"...   The  Kingston Fury Kit KF556S40 64GB worked like a charm

On the i9 13980hx processor and RTX4000 serial cards the ram can run up to 6000 MHz. Why should we use 4800Mhz? While there is so much hardware, only Asus has this speed. Please at least users can use 5600mhz. Please please please.....

So why not let the customers decide what is or isn't acceptable from a thermal standpoint?  If someone is smart enough and cares to do a ram upgrade on a laptop, they surely will be monitoring thermal performance afterwards.  Just food for thought.  You guys are going to miss out on sales as a result of this decision (mine included who was very much looking at the SCAR 16).  Release the bios update and in the notes say unsupported feature.


Dear MasterC,

please let me ask you some more questions on your reply. If you're telling us the limited speed of the RAM can be a hardware, thermal or battery life decision... I'm pretty sure that the battery life of a gaming notebook with a 330W standard power supply and such power consumption hardware in max performance mode doesn't realy matter to the users who decided to buy these laptop. When we will break down the numbers, what will be the real effect ? 1 or 2 minutes less usability in eco battery mode ? Meanwhile the battery continously breaks down his maximum power over time / aging, this can't be the real story behind it.

When we went over to the hardware compatibility we'll see, that other brands are absolutly able to get the full performance out of the same hardware components. I mean, it's not only the main components like CPU and Chipset we're talking about. As I know other ASUS or ROG products over the last past years, I know that they're still using good ( or high ) quality components. So this also can't be the main decision on this part.

When we're talking about thermal solutions we get into touch with the first plausible point, but... Like I said before, other brands can do it as well. What will be the real main difference in thermals when we set the speed from 4800 MT/s to 5600MT/s ? 1° or 2° in full power mode ? If I'll read the specification of the distributor of my used RAM Kit it will run in 5600MT/s in same power state of 1,1V like it does in 4800MT/s but with sligtly lower timing ( which is pretty normal ). So there can't be a huge difference in thermal upscaling. When we're looking forward in thermal design we also have to take a look at the NVME Slots. There are also some performance NVME's which will getting slightly warmer then the stock OEM Samsung NVME. As it get's 2 Slots of NVME in this case AND the option of Performance RAID, we have to be also restricted in our decision of which NVME I have to use and which one will work or not ? I don't think so. In my opinion, when using 2 NVME at the same time will have more effect of the battery lifetime AND thermal heating than running the RAM at it's optimized speed and / or settings. 

So this arguments can't be the real conclusion why we're limited here. And the stock answer from the official ASUS support which meant that OC isn't provided on these products... Sorry, that was the moment I don't even know if I should laugh or cry. Seriously ? Intel officialy supports up to 5600MT/s on this CPU model and they're talking about no OC on a ROG laptop ? Powerboost on the CPU + GPU is also some kind of OC and don't forget about the "stock" timings on this GPU inside. 😂 Now, the system is running very well in it's delivered condition, even slightly under- and overvolting is possible but the only thing is the limited RAM speed and specialy on this part you're a talking about OC ? Sorry, I can't understand.

In one case I'm in to you. The chips of the RAM must be approved to run stable at their dedicated speeds, but this should be the cooperation of the RAM manufacturer and ASUS, like in desktop and other parts done over centuries before. If a quality vendor is advertising a speed of 5600MT/s on his modules, I ask myself "How have they been testing this ?". It must be the same ( or nearly close ) hardware where they can test and approve it to get this stuff done, and programming their chips with these timings correctly. And we're not talking about any backyard handmade electrical stuff which we're all know it's crap 😉

In the end of all this discussion I'm hoping that ASUS will bring the 5600MT/s support to these models so that we can truly join the ROG 👍 As we all know, ROG is the brand of high quality and high performance parts from ASUS. It's not budget or office stuff.

Intel HX.jpg




RAM NVME Temp.jpg

 So let's close the storybook for tonight and let's hope that ASUS will give us the might of full powered RAM.

Thanks for your patience and time in reading all my ( slightly rubbish english ) stuff 😉

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hey Guys,

Here are the memory modules which will run at 5600 MHz. It is not necessary to make any changes in BIOS, the optimal speed will be detected and set automatically.

Samsung 16G: M425R2GA3BB0-CWM

Samsung 8G: M425R1GB4BB0-CWM

Hynix 16G: HMCG78MEBSA


* Please note: as mentioned previously, up to a maximum of 64GB is supported, and 5600 MHz may or may not work when using memory modules other than the ones listed above (if not, then it should run at 4800). We cannot recommend purchasing just any 5600 modules on the market.

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Thank for the info, one last question, is 5600 Mhz possible with 64GB or will it drop down to lower speed ?

It's possible, I have 64GB and its doesnt drop

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Please provide your model numbers of the ram you bought and can you post a screenshot of the frequency your system is running at via cpuz?  Not saying you are wrong, but I've yet to see a single person say it's actually running at 5600 that swapped modules.